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The demand for an updated comprehensive, pragmatic and actionable “how to” guide to help managers and practitioners plan, deploy and sustain an effective IT governance and management environment and culture has been expressed by many managers and professionals in the private, public and academic sectors.

This has resulted in the publication of ‘Implementing Effective IT Governance and IT Management’, a revision of the author’s previous book ‘Implementing IT Governance’. The second edition of the book contains a new chapter on Cloud Computing, Data Management and Governance, updates to the case studies and new material on Business/IT Alignment, Program/Project Management, IT Service Management and ITIL, Strategic Sourcing, Performance Management, Risk Management, CGEIT (COBIT IT Governance), Cloud Sourcing, Security, select ISO standards related to IT Governance and other topics.

1. Title:
Implementing effective IT Governance and IT Management

2. The Basics:
IT Governance provides a pragmatic and actionable how to guide that addresses the who, what, where, when, and how to properly organize, plan, align, manage, and measure the effectiveness of the IT function in any organization. It provides a good balance between the people, technology, and process challenges essential to optimizing IT as a critical corporate asset.

3. Summary:
In all enterprises around the world, the issues, opportunities and challenges of aligning IT more closely with the organization and effectively governing an organization’s IT investments, resources, major initiatives and superior uninterrupted service is becoming a major concern of the Board and executive management. An integrated and comprehensive approach to the alignment, planning, execution and governance of IT and its resources has become critical to more effectively align, integrate, invest, measure, deploy, service and sustain the strategic and tactical direction and value proposition of IT in support of organizations.

The purpose of the book is to describe each of the major components in an overall IT governance comprehensive framework and roadmap in sufficient detail for executives, managers, professionals and educators. The book is an excellent reference source in a critical area with many fast-changing parts.

4. Target Audience:
• Managers and professionals – who are primarily responsible for implementing and governing IT in their organizations and institutions.
• Executives – who are primarily responsible for developing and/or approving business/IT strategy and then overseeing its implementation and governance (The “C” suite of Corporate Officers)
• Academicians, Graduate and upper level undergraduate students – who must teach and master a fundamental understanding of IT and how it impacts businesses, management, employees, the regulators and investors.
• Directors of corporate boards – who have overall fiduciary accountability to provide oversight for the business and key functions of the business.

5. Scope:
The book is divided into two parts, which cover the three critical pillars (leadership, processes and technologies) necessary to develop, execute and sustain a robust and effective IT governance environment:

– Leadership, people, organization and strategy,
– IT governance, its major component processes and enabling technologies.

Each of the chapters also covers one or more of the following action oriented topics:
– the why and what of IT: strategic planning, portfolio investment management, decision authority, etc.;
– the how of IT: Program/Project Management, IT Service Management (including ITIL); Strategic Sourcing and outsourcing; performance, risk and contingency management (including COBIT, the Balanced Scorecard etc.) and leadership, team management and professional competences.

Recommended reading:
Implementing governaceTitle: Implementing Effective IT Governance and IT Management
Author: Dr. Gad J. Selig
ISBN: 9789401800082
Price: €39,95 (VAT excl.)

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