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Connect to professionals in the Best practice industry

Get access to free content and discuss with like-minded professionals. It gives you an overview of the latest development, webinars, and events in several best practices.

Connect to professionals in the Best practice industry

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Professionals that hold Van Haren Certifications

Once you pass an Van Haren Learning Solutions Certification, you get a life-time membership with exclusive access to a group with other certified professionals, where you can connect and exchange cases in your working environment.

Professionals that have achieved certification with Van Haren.

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Become an Education Partner

Van Haren has education partners, these are training organizations but also universities and trainers that educate use the content provided by Van Haren.

Education Partners

Sign the education partnership agreement and you are ready to go!
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Accredited Education Partner (AEP)

Accredited Education Partner

These are organizations that have been officially accredited to provide education services in a specific field.

Accredited Education Partner

Get quality recognition and become the primary reference for training.
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The source of content

The role of author can not be given. It will need to be earned by being published by Van Haren. Over the years many have earned it with us.

The source of content

Take a look at how and if you want to become an author with Van Haren.
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The moderators, VIP's and organizers

These are the moderators in groups, who are highly involved industry professionals that connect and provide in de industry.

The moderators, VIP's and organizers

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