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Document Download instructions

Go to the page or group where you want to download the document. 

For example, for courseware presentation. Go to

Search for the file you need. 
We have catogarized the content based on standard, so it’s easier to find. 

Step 1. Simple press or select the paper clip image. 

Step 2. Download the file, by simple selecting or pressing the file name.

The presentations here are protected. They can not be altered since they are accredited and therefore saved in this version. This prevents you from saving the file once it’s opened. 

Once you have downloaded the file, it will store in your download folder or your designated folder for downloads. From here you can move the file to any folder you have. 

As with saving the file, the presentations are secure in relation to the accreditation requirements. 

If you like to open the presentation. The system asks you for a password. Simply ‘select’ here ‘Read Only’

You are then able to present the presentation. 

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