05 ways to train your brain to be smarter

05 ways to train your brain to be smarter

The brain holds a very important function. It is the control center for activities and other organs in the body. Here are simple games to help train the brain to develop.

1. Never stop practicing

Practice makes perfect. Repeat whatever you are learning until you become an expert. For example, maybe you are learning about a certain algorithm, review it over and over again, write it over and over again until it forms a strong connection in your brain. This method helps you enhance your learning skills and not forget knowledge over time.

2. Experience new challenges

Challenges help your brain become sharper. An “empty” brain will only contain useless things, so fill it up by giving yourself many different challenges. Take classes that you thought you would “no way” take, go out and do something that you were afraid of, learn to dance, learn martial arts.  Play crossword puzzles and solve puzzles every day. Basic puzzles like crossword puzzles Foodle give the brain a chance to get some light exercise. These are the activities that can be easily done in this.  Acquiring new skills is always the key. effective way to train your brain.

3. Listen to your favorite songs

Listening to music helps you relax and feel happy. It is one of the best ways to gain mental power. Music from your favorite artists can help relieve stress and cure insomnia.

4. Note down thoughts

Take a notepad and jot down your thoughts in it. Your brain is constantly having to “fight” with different thoughts, so give it “aid” by writing all those thoughts down. This way helps you shape and reorganize them more clearly and have more time to think about each problem. At the same time, writing them down helps keep these thoughts in mind, even if you forget them later, and thanks to that, you won’t miss an important event or an unfinished issue you once had. plan completed.\

5. Provides necessary nutrients for the brain

In order for the brain to maximize its power, you need to provide it with all the necessary nutrients. Many people tend to pursue “austere” diets to lose weight, thereby lacking fatty acids such as Omega 3 – essential fuel for the brain.

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