25 Most Credible Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

25 Most Credible Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

The purpose of the persuasive essay is to convince your audience of a specific point. You have to prove why you are right and affirm it with proper evidence and persuasive language. If you want to convince your audience that your point of view is the correct one, you have to choose the topic you are passionate about. 


While writing a persuasive essay, it is mandatory to do some research on your chosen topic. It should be a topic you will enjoy writing and learning more about, since spending hours writing about a topic you are not interested in will be very draining. If your audience does follow your line of reasoning, it will get very dull and they will immediately lose interest. However, if you are rigorously explaining a topic you are passionate about, people will be as thrilled as you to know more and more about it. It will result in a successful persuasive speech. 


You might want to pick a topic in which you are already an expert. That is an advantage you should make most of and it has its advantages. It will allow you to write with authority and confidence as well as save your time and energy for researching. However if you have a less familiar subject in mind that you want to know more about, then by all means go for that too. You can also find support from a paper writing service.







In the classroom, your teacher might assign some specific guidelines for you to work under. Your teacher might post you a topic as well, but if you are lucky enough, you will be given the freedom to choose whatever topic you like. There will be more things to argue about and the task of choosing your topic will become an overwhelming one. 


Here are the 25 most credible persuasive essay topics:

  1.       Is the school uniform necessary?
  2.       Are online classes better than on-campus classes?
  3.       Should TV or web series stop promoting suicide?
  4.       Should tattoos be associated with unprofessionalism?
  5.       Should you choose your career based on your passion or the wkere you can make more money?
  6.       Are same-gendered colleges beneficial or unbeneficial?
  7.       Why should everyone go to college?
  8.       Would a weekend consisting of three days make people lazy?
  9.       Why should the age of retirement not be fixed?
  10.   Are grades a good representation of education?
  11.   Should people keep exotic animals as pets?
  12.   Why zoo and animal-based theme parks should be banned
  13.   Universal health care should be free for everyone
  14.   Why tobacco-based products should be permanently banned.
  15.   Why animal testing should be banned
  16.   Is cancel-culture a positive or negative thing?
  17.   At what age should people have access to the internet?
  18.   Punishment for cyberbullying
  19.   Why social media influencers are harmful to society and the mental health of people
  20.   At what age should children be allowed cellphones?
  21.   At what age should people be allowed to get driving licenses?
  22.   Should art classes be mandatory for every student?
  23.   Should citizens under 18 be able to vote?
  24.   Why vitamins and supplements should be normalized
  25.   Why teachers should be unbiased towards every student


By the list above, you will be able to choose a topic very quickly or at least have an idea about it. Suppose you are still struggling with writing a perfect persuasive essay. You do not necessarily lack the knowledge to work on it, but sometimes the workload of academic stuff gets way too much to manage. Just search Write my essay on the internet and choose a website with good reviews by other students. This will help you choose the right website from among the many different online services provided for assistance in writing..


When you contact them, the company will hire an essay writer, depending on your topic. That writer will be expert in their field and can write with more proficiency than a regular writer. 


These essay writing service employ qualified professionals with valid degrees who provide plagiarism-free work at a very affordable price. They are lawful and registered like any other company.


The persuasive essay has three main types: 

  • Introduction:  you have to introduce your topic; provide the necessary information justifying its relevance and then present the crux of what you are arguing in the form of a carefully and specifically-worded thesis statement
  • Main body: you write about your perspective and expound upon your argument, based on what your chosen topic is. This is called the main body because it contains all the vital information that you have gathered for the essay, such as sources and your own analyses of the information provided. 
  • The conclusion: it is the ending part where you conclude the essay in a shorter version and restate your thesis 


Persuasive essays bear similarity to argumentative essays, but are of a much gentler and kinder nature than the latter. Argumentative essays require you to convince the readers of your point and deconstruct the stance of the opposing party. In contrast, persuasive essays employ a more benign tone, acquainting your readers with your perspective so that they can agree to it. 


Everyone can have different opinions on a particular topic and everyone has the right to agree or disagree. As the college essay writer, it is on you to be mindful of this principle and to make sure that you are always kind and respectful whilst stating your argument and proceeding to defend it. 


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