5 Best Chrome Extensions for Students

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Students

The invention of the internet has changed our life to complete a new and unique way. Nowadays we upload any update about us online to show other people that we are also interesting. From eating simple food to taking online classes we upload all online.  However, your internet might be disturbing you certain times. These times can be your technology online class. Nevertheless, hiring someone to online class takers is one way to solve this. Another way is to use the best chrome extension for students. To help find them here is a list of 5 best chrome extensions for students.

Google Dictionary

The internet is a fantastic place for learning and more frequently than not while reading an article, a post or even a small comment, you stumble across a new word which you have no clue of what its meaning is. Although you can search it up on a dictionary or open a new tab and explore for the word, Google offers a handy little extension using which you can get the meaning of any word just by double-tapping it. Google Dictionary is remarkably useful when you are trying to study a new language and even if you aren’t, it’s a fast way to look up the sense of words.


Grammarly for Chrome is like your own proofreader which is not only clever enough of detecting spelling errors but also amending improper grammar. Grammarly works in physical time showing all your errors as you write anything and gives proposals to correct them. Like Google Dictionary, it also offers meanings of words by double-clicking on them, while it works only on English. Grammarly is a blessing whether you are writing a letter to your professor or creating your resume, as it amends all those tiny bloopers that may well be overlooked by you and making you look a lot more qualified. Another feature that Grammarly has that it is also available for mobile. You can sync and back up all of your work files on the phone as well. Now there no excuse to make those stupid mistakes. Nevertheless, there is a downside that Grammarly cost around $11-$15 monthly. So willing to make some great improvement we recommend that you pay this price.

Mercury Reader

Next one on our list is Mercury Reader, an extension that will boost your reading involvement on the web. With just a click, Mercury Reader reformats the page, eradicating all the disturbing ads and delivering you with a flat reading experience short of all the disruptions. You also have the possibility of customizing your reader with text size, fonts, themes and also allocating a shortcut for speedier access to Mercury reader. With Readability being withdrawn, Mercury reader is a great substitute, if not superior, for your clutter-free reading on the internet. Another neat feature that mercury readers offer that if you have a kindle. Then you can use the send to kindle feature which will send the formatted article to your Kindle device. Pretty good so go on downloading it.


Noisli is one of those extensions which you had never dreamed you needed, but after using it you cannot just turn back. Noisli is an ambient sound creating a tool which offers a dozen of environment sounds like rain, leaves whispering, thunder and white noise between a few, which you can use to increase your output efficiency or even relax. What’s even cooler is that you can modify each filter rendering to your taste and once done, you can save it as your own preset to be cast off later. Noisli has been a great add-on to my arsenal of Chrome extensions and you might never look back after using it.

Block And Focus

While the internet can be a wonderful learning place, it can be diverting and even more damaging as well. This is where Block and Focus derive into play. It is a Chrome extension which you can use to block certain sites like social media sites or whichever you desire and you won’t be able to access them for that phase of time. Although nothing can be finished if you basically do not have the self-control, this extension is a good means to get started. The great thing about Block and Focus is that it has a Built-in Pomodoro timer that can further help you.

We think that 5 best chrome extensions for students aren’t enough. We have mentioned some honourable mentions below.


PushBullet is a great means to introduce all-in-one connectivity among your computer and your smartphone. Once you have the app on your handset and the postponement on your Chrome browser, you can talk anything among the devices like links, pictures, documents and the worldwide clipboard allows you copy something on your phone and stick it on your computer or vice versa. PushBullet turns up in really handy if you are always manipulating between your computer and your phone and raise your output by folds. The only downside of PushBullet is that the pro extension needs you to buy a $5 subscription.

Wolfram Alpha

If you are a Science or Engineering learner, probabilities are you have heard of Wolfram Alpha. However, did you know, they even have their personal Google Chrome extension? Along with the facility to search on Wolfram Alpha, having the extension gives you a good context menu which you can use to openly highlight queries or equations and search or resolve them. Generally, it is a great extension to have and comes in really valuable if you are dealing with equations or any type of calculations.

Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is an overwhelming tool going you numerous controls like planning your mails, dozing certain mails, automating follow-up answers and a lot more, making it a faultless addition to your Gmail suite. Whether it’s finishing an assignment at 3 am and scheduling it for 8 am, or rebounding (snoozing) a certain mail to be repeated later, Boomerang has you protected. It also supports read takes so you know when somebody has essentially opened or read your mail.

These are 5 best chrome extensions for students. However, we generously provided some more extensions that will make your student life even easier. We recommend that you should start using these extensions today. However, if you are still struggling with your online classes then we have amazing news for you. Hiring someone to online class takers is the best option you have. With professional help, you easily pass your classes while having extra free time that you can use social media. So what waiting for a place online class taker online for online classes and enjoy the leisure time. Lastly, take care of yourself and good luck with your education.

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