5 super healthy home entertainment that you should try

5 super healthy home entertainment that you should try

If you are still struggling to find activities to entertain at home during the epidemic season, please refer to 5 good suggestions from Traveloka. Make sure you still keep a comfortable and excited spirit even though you’re just hanging around in your own house!

  1. Play games with loved ones

People often think of playing games as a form of entertainment, wasting time in vain and negatively affecting health. But that is not entirely true when we know how to use video games scientifically, selectively and not to depend too much on them. One game that you can try is Drive Mad. Especially now there are many games for both healthy home entertainment and can train reflex skills and develop thinking of the brain.

  1. Home and bedroom decoration

Not only bringing a fresher working space, but redecorating your room also contributes to creating cool “virtual living” corners. Especially during the time of social distancing, it must have been a long time that female friends have not been able to go out to the street, cafe, take pictures to check-in to have new photos.

  1. Watch some new shows

In recent years, reality TV shows in many fields have simultaneously attracted a lot of support from people. They bring laughter to the audience through non-scripted situations and realistic content that makes the audience curious and interested. Gradually, watching TV shows is one of the indispensable ways of entertainment in every home. Besides, TV shows are educational and help you expand your knowledge like The Brain or Shark Tank.

  1. Learn to cook

When people stay at home more, especially in the days of implementing social distancing, the spirit of “love the kitchen” rises again when we have to go to the kitchen to make our own meals, avoiding moving out. out of season. Since then, the movement of making attractive dishes and showing off their finished products suddenly became a trend on social networks. At each moment, people challenge each other with completely new dishes. Cooking is one of the fun and safe activities, chosen by many people as a way to entertain at home during stressful times due to the epidemic. And even if you are someone who has never had a passion for cooking, you must surely admire and be satisfied with the current favorite culinary YouTube channels.

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