Advertising is the core tool used by manufacturers to promote their goods, remind customers of the existence of the product in the market, or to get new clients. Advertising, therefore, needs to have the appeal to lure people to buy the particular product. Marketing specialists use various ways to capture the intended audience’s attention including persuasive headlines, eye-catching graphics, and tempting offers, which play a big role in helping the purchasers to reconcile the product in their heads.

Advertising is a mass media content whose intention is to convince readers, listeners, and viewers to take action on ideas, services, and products. The marketing experts use audio, texts, graphics design, photography, and videos in various media outlets such as newspapers, posters, websites, wall paintings, cars, stage shows, billboards, radio and television broadcasts to channel their ads. When done correctly, advertising serves its purpose of increasing the number of people buying the product by informing and amusing the target audience. On the other hand, if done in a wrong way, advertisements can serve to worry, warn, and misinform the public and, therefore, reduce the number of people purchasing the product.

Based on the analysis of two advertisements, several issues are shown in relation to the ways the experts use to lure potential customers. Marketing specialists utilize gender and beauty as the main attracting tool. It is obvious from a beautiful woman’s face in the first advertisement and a picture of six different women posing confidently in the second one. Research shows that people respond in a good way when the members of their group are used in advertising. In this perspective, market specialists should, therefore, utilize a sample of the target group in their advertisements. It, however, does not mean that they should demean a certain group due to the roles given to them during advertising or to refer to the particular members as sexual objects.

Photographs also give the meaning and the form to reality and consciousness. Visual and verbal modes of communication are used hand in hand. The first advertisement shows a woman’s face, a background color, and a catchy text. The hue enhances the development of emotion by the viewer while the image and the text attract the attention. The second advertisement does not use a background color in the picture. This technique prevents any form of distractions. As a result, advertisements use visual aids that clearly catch the attention of the audience. Images should have the right colors to arouse emotions of the audience.

Words are also utilized as forms of advertisement. The first ad uses simple phrase structures and is not wordy. In the second one, carefully selects the best words to convey confidence and show reliability. From this perspective, words in advertisements should be clear, concise, and simple. They should also choose the best possible combination that is catchy and relates to the target audience.

In conclusion, advertisements have to serve the purpose of luring potential customers and be appealing to the target audience. Advertisers have to use catchy phrases, attractive graphics, and tempting offers. If they adopt correct strategies, then the market specialists can get the best profit out of their advertisements.

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