Autumn Coding Cards with Pixel Art

Autumn Coding Cards with Pixel Art

What does the fall coding resource include?

Fall coding cards include pixel art activities suitable for all primary school classes! Celebrate the fall season with an activity that stimulates your pupils and a review of numbers and letters of the alphabet.

When you download the resource you will have access to six tabs. In each sheet there is an explanation of the exercise, a grid and a legend. Each form to be completed by your students is followed by the one with the pixel art solution. It may come in handy during the correction phase, especially because it will allow you to save time and dedicate yourself to planning your lessons.

Coding is a great exercise for training your kids’ mind and introducing them to programming. They must be able to read the legend correctly and color the grid boxes with the correct colors.

The characters that will reveal themselves little by little while the children are coloring the coding are the ones who appear in the amazing autumn story “Don’t get the whole hedge! “.

Are there any other resources similar to Fall coding?

Yes, there are more resources to teach your kids numbers and arithmetic operations thanks to autumn coding cards with pixel art similar to these, as well as with other exercises. Each of the cards includes representations of mushrooms, acorns and autumn trees to color. 

Let’s find out what other resources you might find useful in class: 

  • The pixel art with autumn additions that includes as many as six coded cards to solve, finding the result with simple additions. The other six tabs are the solutions for teachers and parents.
  • Color with the numbers still life autumn , the children will have to follow the indications of the legend and, after having solved each addition, color the autumn fruit and vegetables represented.
  • Color by numbers autumn landscape is an exercise similar to the one just explained above, suitable for first grade children, who will have to color the drawing following the numbers in the legend.

What is primary school coding?

Coding is an English word that means “programming”. The purpose of Autumn Coding, as well as many other coding activities that you will find on the site, is to introduce children to programming and software development.

The first codings they will solve are simple. The code is represented by the combination of numbers and letters or operations to be solved. The children “decode” it by finding the solution to the operation and correctly coloring the grid box.

Coding is perfect for all ages and classes and is an activity that can be done in both art and image and math class. Browse all our coding and pixel art resources, designed for every occasion and event of the year!

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