A beginner’s guide to plant care

A beginner’s guide to plant care

While the chain of heart plants are succulent and remain in dry spots, which many indoor plants can’t be able to handle, it’s best to choose a spot that will allow them to enjoy about vine plant vine identification by leaf. Chain of Hearts only require periodic fertilisers and are able to do so with the use of half-diluted liquid fertilizers. They are fertilised up to once per month during the growth phase between May and August. They do not require fertilizer in winter, since that is when they are dormant.


The most remarkable feature of this easy-going indoor plant is that it can cultivate it however you’d like. Help you Syngonium to flourish on a stake, trellis or even any wall. Their tendrils may bind them to walls, but it is recommended to tie older houseplants to the supports in order to give the new growth time to attach themselves onto the stake. Smaller indoor plants will have the support they need since that’s the only thing they do.

Arrowhead Vines are every plant collector’s dream because there are numerous varieties, each possessing its own unique character and unique character. Syngonium is one of the best indoor plants for people with only a little houseplant knowledge. It can last for longer without fertilizer and can be planted in any area that has sunshine and flourish for over a long period of period of. All houseplants require sunshine to thrive! The vines that have arrowheads, be aware they can be poisonous if eaten So be very cautious when you have children or pets in the home.

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