Dating Attire

Dating Attire

This was suppose to be in The Fame Game, but it was decided that it would be one of the podcasts or videos. The group of us never could get together to record, so here’s my perspective on what a sexy man wears. And before you ask, women always comment on the clothes I wear, so take note:

What isn’t sexy

Baggy clothes, sweaters, and cheap–plastic looking–shoes, are all items to avoid. The only exception to this rule is if you are in a hip-hop type club where baggy clothing is part of the culture.

And there’s absolutely nothing sexy about a sweater. It’s baggy, itchy, raggedy-looking, and unpleasant to touch. The only type of good sweaters are made of cashmere material, and even then, I’d wear a collared shirt under it for a preppy-like look.

Where to shop

Department stores are good, even if they are a big chain. Usually, even though bearing the same name, department stores order their clothing individually. What this means, is that you are highly unlikely to be wearing something that many people have. For instance, the t-shirts I wear can only be found in a very small section of only one of many Macy’s in my city.

Specialty shops are also good. They have rare items, which should already be obvious to you. Expensive doesn’t necessarily equal a better buy. For instance, those Affliction shirts are pretty expensive, but since everybody and their mother wears them now, they aren’t worth buying.

In general, as long as the item is of quality, rarer lower priced items are better than abundant expensive items, as long as they are of quality. You don’t want to be a carbon-copy of every other guy out there. And that’s exactly why you need to avoid places like Express, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, etc.

Note that this rule only applies to shirts, seeing that’s what people seem to notice first. Most people won’t notice if others have the same shoes, jackets, or jeans.

The fit

We all know that women tend to gravitate towards guys that have a more fitted look. And this is exactly why you shouldn’t buy your clothes pre-washed. Sure, they won’t shrink, but that’s exactly what you want. Why? Unwashed clothes will shrink to fit your body-shape. This is why I tend to buy my shirts a little bigger. After about two or three washings, they fit the shape of my body perfectly, giving a more tailored custom fit look.

The shoes

You all already know that your shoes should be expensive. But what might you overlook? Most guys don’t know what types of shoes to wear. There’s a reason why jeans are labeled ‘boot cut” or “straight-leg”. It’s not going to hurt you if you don’t do this, but you’ll look a lot better if you do.

What is it? In general, you want to wear wider, thicker dress shoes with boot cut pants. And with straight-leg pants, you should wear a slimmer, thinner materialed dress shoe. Like I said, women won’t notice if you don’t, but if you do this, you’ll have a more refined look. But in general, boot cut pants in the winter, and straight leg pants in the warmer months.

Mix-match, match-mix

The general rule is to never wear dark shirts with light jeans, with the only exception being black shirts. And to never wear light shirts with dark jeans, with the exception being white shirts. If you do otherwise, chances are, it just won’t look right.

As far as the color brown goes, you just have to play it by eye. Darker brown with dark jeans, and lighter brown with light jeans. Why do I mentioned brown? Since it is the only other mainstream colored shoe–other than black or white–it will look good depending on the shade.

However, I tend to stick with black and white. Why? It’s easier to mix and match. I have a ton of colored shirts that I can’t wear simply because they don’t look right. Colored shirts are best fit for a more casual attire. And we aren’t here to be casual, we’re here to be sexual.

Details, details, details

This is what separates the fashionably savvy from the rookies. I’m not going to overwhelm you, but I will say that the color of your shoes should match the color of your belt, and watch band. And ALWAYS wear a belt, even if your pants fit perfectly.

But if you really want to get into details, you can start by matching the color of your stitching on your shirts to your shoes and belt. Really, this only applies to your t-shirts, since dress shirts don’t usually come with different colored stitching. It may be hard to find, but if you can find a shirt like that, it’s going to look slick.

Speaking of t-shirts, let’s say I’m wearing white shoes with a white belt. It’s going to look really good if my shirt is white, and if my shirt isn’t white, the graphical details or logo is. The same goes for when I’m wearing black.

It’s all about tying in each item of clothing with a single color that they all have in them (like maybe white shoes, a white belt, and a black shirt with a white logo). In one other example, I have brown shoes that have a wrinkled look to them, and I wear them with a brown belt that has the same textured look.

Many guys also don’t pay attention to metals. If your belt buckle or clasp is a finer silver color, then it’s going to look really good if the metal casing on your watch and other metallic jewelry also have a finer silver look. The same principle applies to yellow gold or rustic jewelry.


This is one area that I strongly agree with the indirect guys like Mystery with on. We may have two different ways about going about it, but you definitely need to stand out. I’m not into the crazy shit, but you should have one item to stand out with.

Instead of explaining, it’s better that I give examples. You all know about my labret piercing. It causes me to stand out, but at the same time, I don’t look like a complete weirdo. Another example that I’ve been thinking about, is maybe changing my eye color to a hazel or grayish shade.

I don’t need to do this, as I’d still be able to get women. The point is to make your job easier. It’s a conversation starter, it causes women to approach you, and it causes women to look twice, thus inviting you to approach. I’ve been out with and without my labret in, and having it in makes a big difference in the amount of attention I receive.

Peacocking properly will give you a competitive edge, but remember, keep it conservative and not too wild. There’s a very fine line between looking interesting, and looking plain ol’ weird. Experiment, but if you see that you’re getting negative responses because of the item, then lose it.

This is just about all of my understanding about dressing like an attractive man. And as always, if you still don’t get it, look at the men on television that women find attractive.


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