Best Practices at Tanuki Sunset

Best Practices at Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a very cool longboard skating game played from the third-person point of view. You will be in charge of Tanuki, a skateboarding raccoon, as he goes down winding roads into the sunset. Tanuki has to jump and slide to avoid obstacles and pick up items to score points. By getting points, your roulette meter will fill up, giving you a chance to spin the wheel and get more bonus points. So, don’t forget to try to get as many points as possible.

It’s not easy to skate on tanuki sunset‘s skybound highways. It starts out pretty easy, with players learning how to use the analog stick to control Tanuki’s speed, move the board, and collect money for later use. But when it’s time to drift, the first major problem will show up. In this game, drifting is best described as “sharp,” since it looks like Tanuki could do a full U-Turn almost as soon as the drift starts. Players need to learn how to drift by falling into the neon abyss over and over again.

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