Best SAP FICO E-learning Platforms

Best SAP FICO E-learning Platforms

There are several online resources where you can learn SAP FICO, which is a module of SAP that covers the financial and controlling aspects of a business. Some popular options include:

Official SAP Website: SAP offers online courses and certifications for SAP FICO and other SAP modules.

Udemy: You can find several online courses on Udemy that are taught by certified SAP professionals.

Coursera: You can enroll in a Coursera specialization that covers SAP FICO and other SAP modules.

LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning offers online courses on SAP FICO, including video tutorials and hands-on projects.

YouTube: Many free SAP FICO Tutorials are available on YouTube, including step-by-step tutorials and recorded lectures.

Remember that it is important to choose a reliable source for your learning and to ensure that the course or resource covers the latest version of SAP FICO.

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