Bitlife – Experience a new life

Bitlife - Experience a new life

What kind of BitLife will you lead? Will you make every effort to act morally upright in an effort to become a model citizen before you pass away? You could find the love of your life, get married, start a family, and further your education along the road. Will you make decisions that horrify your parents, or not? You might become involved in crime, fall in love or embark on a journey, cause jail riots, smuggle duffel bags, or have an extramarital affair. You decide on your story. Learn how your success in the game of life can be determined by the little decisions you make. Interactive narrative games have been popular for a long time. However, this is the first text life simulation to accurately combine and simulate.

Do you find your life to be tedious and boring? Do you wish to live a new life that is suited to your desires? The bitlife game will help you do that!

It’s still a fun game, but now everything is locked behind a paywall. Even options that used to be free. Plus there are so many ads, I can’t even click on something without an ad playing. I get it that ads is how you make money without having to have players and stuff, but everything is locked behind a price tag to the point where you’re already making so much money.

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