Checklist before the online interview

Checklist before the online interview

In the past, online interviews were only for introductions, but today most interviews are conducted remotely. In this format, you can encounter new problems: poor communication, poor video quality, family conversations in the background – these little things can spoil the impression of you. I’m Max Rasmussen from wowessays and I have made instructions on how to prepare for an online interview that will help you feel confident and fully focus on the conversation.


Check your tech and communication

In a face-to-face meeting, we use gestures, facial expressions, and change the tone of voice to make meaningful accents and reveal ourselves better. If the tech fails online, we won’t be heard or seen, and troubleshooting will take a long time.


How to prepare:


Check with your HR person to find out what platform the interview is being conducted on.

If the interview will be on messenger or social media, check if your username is appropriate. It is better to create a separate account or rename it instead of your funny usernames.

Make sure in advance that the sound and video settings are correct. You can do this by making a test call with a friend. Wipe the screen and camera.

Think of a backup Internet connection in case there is a technology failure or the lights go out. For example, you can use mobile Internet.


Prepare the place for the interview

People choose different places for an online interview – at home in the kitchen, a cafe, the office corridor, a park. But sometimes background or noise can distract interviewers and interfere with the conversation.


How to prepare:


  • Choose quiet and peaceful places to talk.
  • Look in advance to see what your background looks like on the screen. A running TV or funny magnets on the refrigerator can be distracting.
  • Check your angle and lighting. Place your camera at eye level, don’t put your phone or laptop against the light.
  • Turn off notifications on messengers and social networks so that nothing disturbs you while you are talking.
  • Ask those around you to be quiet during the interview.


Take care of your appearance.

On a remote job, appearance seems unimportant. After all, only your face and hands are visible on the laptop screen. But even by such little things, the HR specialist will evaluate you. You can find other tips for appearance here By the way, a presentable appearance will give you confidence and set you up for productive communication.


How to prepare:


  • Choose your clothing in advance. Choose calm colors without bright prints, sometimes they can ripple in the computer.
  • Check how you look on the screen, whether your business style matches the background.


Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the HR person questions about how and where the interview will take place. Take advantage of the remote format, make a small cheat sheet with important information about yourself, and put it near your laptop. So you can use it at any time.


The interview is only one step in the employment process. It is also important to write a good resume and understand what kind of job you want to find.


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