Criteria Indicators
1. Topic of the essay – to be significant and interesting for the reader;
– be well understood, meaningful and purposeful;

– its more important aspects are of equal importance.

2. Interpretation of the topic – be origina with;
– be challenging or at least not conform to the usual, predictable lines of interpretation;

– analytical approach to prevail.

3. Communicativeness – convey a clear message to the reader, meet their expectations and interests;
– the presentation is engaging and persuasive.

4. Thesis (main idea) – concise and carefully considered;
– Clearly articulated, setting the true direction of the essay.

5. Content (argumentation and facts) – claims should be supported by significant and varied evidence;
– Ideas are clear and logically developed among themselves;

– other people’s ideas that can find essays online are clearly distinguished from one’s own;

– facts are verified and correctly presented;

– quotations are well chosen and appropriately placed in the context of the argument.

6. Organization (architectonics) – a lean, logical organization of the entire essay;
– the introductory part should attract the reader’s attention like write my essay in 1 hour and orient him/her to the content of the essay;

– the conclusion should be convincing and flow naturally from what has gone before.

7. Style – avoid clichés and wordy language as much as possible;
– correct choice of lexical and syntactical devices, rhetorical effects, rhetorical questions, use of aphorisms, maxims and rules.

8. Literacy and framing – avoiding significant errors – grammatical, stylistic and punctuation;
– graphically correct layout of the essay.

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