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There are 10 basic steps that precede the writing of a Ph.D. thesis or dissertation and without which it is impossible to begin a research project:

1. Choose a supervisor. The required specialist can be chosen independently or wait for an official appointment from the dissertation council.What should be the supervisor of the project:

  • Attention to the applicant, his scientific developments;
  • Responsibility in making important decisions;
  • Demanding of the proper design/writing of the thesis;
  • Interest in achieving a good result;
  • Availability of published works (monographs) directly related to the topic chosen by the applicant (optional, but desirable).

2. Selecting a dissertation council

The Dissertation Council is a specialized body established on the basis of the university/scientific community. Its main tasks boil down to the review of candidate/doctoral works submitted to the defense procedure and the approval of the degree sought. The right of the applicant to independently search for an expert structure applies only to dissertation councils, authorized to conduct the defense on the passport of the specialty, corresponding to the direction of the scientific work performed. Information about all dissertation councils is available to applicants on the official website of the Higher Attestation Commission. The work schedule/requirements of the chosen structure are clarified by contact information (e-mail, phone, address). Dissertation councils with suspended activities have no right to review attestation cases. The main reasons for the termination of the powers of such bodies are violations of the rules of the Dissertation Council Regulations or non-compliance with state requirements.

3. Obtaining Funding for Work

Before beginning work on the dissertation, it is recommended that the applicant find sources of funding.
The main reasons for obtaining additional funds are:

  • Conducting necessary research;
  • Traveling around the country and beyond to gather/search for needed material;
  • acquisition of rare information sources;
  • payment for materials for conducting experiments on the topic of work;
  • own maintenance for the period of writing the dissertation.

To find out the possibility of funding and the basic requirements for its issuance, the author contacts the head of his or her own department. Most educational institutions give scholarships or grants to talented applicants as support in covering current topics in a number of scientific fields.

4. Selecting a Specialty Code from the Passport

The VAK specialty passport is a type of classifier with specialty code designations. On the official website of the commission, the candidate will get acquainted with updated information on the original sources of the codes and the latest edition of the passports themselves.

The place of defense of the future thesis for the degree depends on the correctness of the candidate’s choice of the required passport.

5. Determining the object/subject of the research

The object and subject are chosen by the candidate already after analyzing the VAK specialty passport. The object is a part of scientific branch with insufficiently studied processes and phenomena, which play a major role in the development of modern society.

6. Identification of relevance

After selecting the object/subject, the applicant examines the relevance of the issues raised in an argumentative manner. This is done by assessing the timeliness of future experiments, as well as the need to find solutions to existing problems.

7. Choosing the topic of the future work

The choice of the topic of the work depends on the consideration of the main properties in the subject of research, confirming the relevance of the future work. The correct formulation of the object/subject will simplify the search for the necessary title.

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