Do air purifiers eliminate odors?

Do air purifiers eliminate odors?

Intervening in the treatment of indoor air, the air purifier filters the ambient air in closed rooms. It eliminates impurities and bad odors. Using an air purifier limits the risk of airborne contagion and improves the quality of life of people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, and some air purifiers for pet hair could reduce the pet hair, pet smell

Good to know: There are air quality measuring devices, very useful before the purchase of a purifier, or associated with it, which indicate when to use your purifier.

What are the types of air purifiers?

For effective air treatment, there are now 4 types of air purifiers:

Mechanical purifiers: thanks to a HEPA filter, which retains 99.97^ of particles, impurities are retained inside the device as the air passes through the purifier.

Electronic purifiers: the positively ionized particles pass inside the purifier before being negatively charged by an electric current in order to be purified

Ionization purifiers: also called ionizers, these purifiers charge the air in the room with negative ions. These negative ions are attracted by the positive ions contained in the polluted air: the molecules thus made electrically negative are then deposited on the ground.

Hybrid purifiers: these purifiers combine several processes to increase their efficiency. Some models thus integrate photocatalysis or ultraviolet light.
Combined purifiers: these models combine a purifier with a fan or a humidifier.

The volume of the room

volume roomIn order to choose the best air purifier for your needs, it is important to first determine the square footage of the room. Indeed, it is on it that the air purifier you need depends.

Good to know: if in doubt, always prefer a device whose capacity is slightly larger than the surface area of ​​the room. Also consider turning to an easily transportable model, so that you can move it from room to room.


Be sure to check that the airflow is adjustable to enjoy more comfort during use.
The sound level

The sound level of an air purifier depends on the airflow. Thus, if your device has an adjustable airflow, the sound volume it produces differs depending on the speed of use chosen.

Generally speaking, the noise produced by an air purifier ranges from 5 to 60 dB.

There is a night mode, much quieter, which reduces the sound level to 25 dB (almost inaudible). When this mode is activated, the illuminated control panel also turns off.
The interview

Maintenance In some models, the filter is washable, while in others, the filter must be replaced to maintain the efficiency of the device. An automatic filter cleaning or replacement indicator is valuable for effective air treatment in all circumstances.

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