Essay on “What is Beauty”

Essay on "What is Beauty"

Essay on “What is Beauty”


Beauty has always attracted man, delighted and captivated him. People used to look for beauty in everything that surrounds them: in nature, architecture, works of art, other people and, finally, themselves.


Beauty can hardly be given a strict definition, because it is so multifaceted that it does not fit into a narrow framework. For example, many people will pay someone to write my paper undoubtedly admire the sunset at sea, but there will be those who remain indifferent to the picture. On the other hand, they might admire a rural landscape with haystacks and a herd of cows grazing peacefully in the meadow.


The beauty of the human body is also very relative, because we know that in different times there were very different ideas about it. Today we idealize the slender female figure, but before the lushness of forms, on the contrary, was considered a symbol of health and fertility.


The famous Renaissance artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci saw beauty in symmetry. And it is difficult not to agree with best essays for sale this statement when it comes to the masterpieces of architecture or sculptures. But how interesting would a perfectly symmetrical human face be? Wouldn’t it be deprived of charm, the very “zest” that can captivate our heart forever?


In other words, beauty is always very subjective. Usually recognizing something or someone as beautiful, we are not just talking about what is visible to the eye. We put more than that into the concept of beauty. For example, our emotions and preferences. That is why our love of the countryside makes our heart respond not to the views of the sea, but to the tranquil rustic landscape.


When we are looking for a beautiful face in the crowd, in fact, we are looking for something near and dear, something to which our soul will respond. And there simply can’t be a single opinion, since everyone responds to completely different things.


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