Film Analysis. Create a Truly Inimitable Paper: Learn the Basics

Film Analysis. Create a Truly Inimitable Paper: Learn the Basics

According to the experts in from the website “write my paper 4 me” watching movies is awesome – it’s almost like having a real adventure. And how about writing an analysis of a film?

“Nah,” some would say. But what if you really have to make an analysis of film innuendos?Actually, there is a way to make it easy – and even fun. Check these tips for the starters!

Film Analysis Writing: Thirteen Things You Must Remember about.

Here are some tips for you to write the best film criticism paper.

  1. Watch the movie.
  2. Think of your impressions about the movie.
  3. Enumerate memorable details.
  4. Try to interpret the movie message in your own way.
  5. Read/listen to experts talking about the given film.
  6. Use movie theory and its elements to base your arguments on.
  7. Present and discuss conflicting opinions about the movie.
  8. Combine theory and analysis.
  9. Offer proofs for your statements (quotes from the movie).
  10. Comment on the plot, settings, characters and source material.
  11. Draw parallels between the given movie and some other movies.
  12. Search for details that no one has spotted yet.
  13. Create an interactive analysis: involve the audience in the discussion!

With these tips, your film analysis essay is bound to be great, yet there is a way to make it even better! And you’ll see how to do it below.

Film Analysis: Adding Style. The World’s Greatest Movie Schools.

Follow in the footsteps of the greatest movie schools to understand the essence of the movie you’ve just watched. And here are the top 5 movie schools to check for:

Top Film Schools:

  • University of South California;
  • New York University;
  • University of California, Los Angeles;
  • Columbia University

Once you learn their theories, you’ll surely have a lot to say in your film-making analysis!It should also be remembered that if you want to prepare your film script, in addition to a correctly chosen plot, you must be good at writing, in particular and learn correct punctuation rules in advance.

Film Analysis Elements: Plot, Subplots and Other Essential Parts.

After you choose the style you need for your film research, make sure that it contains the following elements:

  • Background information.
  • Plot.
  • Characters and character development.
  • Technical specifics.

When getting down to details, it is also important to list the following issues in any film analysis essay:

  • Mise en scene;
  • Cinematography;
  • Sound;
  • Editing.

It will also be a great idea to conduct some analysis of film reviews and check what other people think of the movie.

Film Analysis vs. Critical Review: There Is a Certain Difference

Film analysis vs. critical review


  • Offers a short summary of the movie plot;
  • Specifies the peculiarities and describing the characters;
  • Compares the movie to the original text (play/novel/story/…)
  • Evaluates the movie according to certain standards;
  • Provides the writer’s impression about the movie and the characters.


Film analysis:

  1. Is objective;
  2. Offers an evaluation the movie;
  3. Follows a certain structure;
  4. Analyzes one movie;
  5. Contains a summary of the ideas.

Critical review:

  1. Relies more on subjective ideas;
  2. Suggests means to improve the movie;
  3. Creates a specific outline;
  4. Compares and contrasts several movies;
  5. Makes up a clincher!

Film Analysis Example: Look at a Specimen of Impeccable Writing.

And now, it’s time for you to see what the sentence structure of writing a critical review must look like. Check this striking example of paper-writing art!

Film Analysis: To Kill a Mockingbird

One of the movies that address adults just as well as children, To Kill a Mockingbird based on the novel of the same name, is set in the Alabama of the Great Depression times as little Scout sees it. Split between Scout and her family, the case of Tom Robinson and the mystery of Boo Radley, the film is both a heartwarming story and some food for thought.Speaking of the mise-en-scenes, one must admit that the most remarkable one is the scene of Scout talking to Mr. Cunningham, helping Atticus to guard Tom Robinson. In that scene, Scout symbolizes the essence of the film – a mockingbird, full of innocence and sincerity.

All shot in black and white, with minimum of effects, the movie makes the reader sink into the atmosphere of the real world – the real USA, Alabama as it used to be some eighty years back. The soft music in the background adds to the effect.The editing of the movie is quite remarkable, especially in the scene where Scout watches someone fighting Bob Ewel and saving her and Jem’s lives.A gorgeous movie back then, To Kill a Mockingbird now doubtlessly belongs to the classics, as an amazing portrayal of reality and a bright example of how people stay humane despite obstacles and consequences they have to face.

As you can see, writing a movie analysis is really easy. So create your own – and you’ll see how exciting it can be!

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