How to Get Forbes in Idle Office Tycoon: The Ultimate Guide

How to Get Forbes in Idle Office Tycoon: The Ultimate Guide

Idle Office Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money is an addictive mobile game that allows you to create and manage your own office space. In the game, you can become a successful business tycoon by managing and upgrading different departments such as Human Resources, IT, Finance, Marketing, and more. One of the ultimate goals in this game is to earn a Forbes rating, which can be achieved by following certain strategies and tactics. In this guide, we will outline the steps you can take to get a Forbes rating in Idle Office Tycoon.

Upgrade the Right Departments

One of the keys to success in Idle Office Tycoon is to upgrade the departments that will generate the most revenue. These include Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and IT. By upgrading these departments, you will be able to attract higher-quality employees and earn more money. Additionally, having a higher Forbes rating requires having high-level departments, so prioritize upgrading these first.

Invest in Better Employees

Another crucial element of succeeding in Idle Office Tycoon is to have high-quality employees. Try to hire employees with higher stats when recruiting and ensure that your departments are fully staffed. In addition, make use of the training modules to improve your employees’ stats and increase their productivity. With better employees, you will be able to complete tasks faster and generate more revenue.

Keep the Office Space Clean and Tidy

Keeping your office space clean and tidy is a small but effective way to increase your Forbes rating. Whenever you have a free moment, clean up clutter and ensure your employees have adequate space to work. This will increase the overall productivity of your office, which is a key factor in achieving a higher Forbes rating.

Complete Quests and Achievements

In Idle Office Tycoon, completing quests and achievements is another way to increase your Forbes rating. Make sure to check out the available quests and try to complete them as quickly as possible. Additionally, completing achievements can earn you bonuses that will help you achieve a higher Forbes rating. Quests and achievements typically involve upgrading departments or hiring new employees.

Keep the Cash Flowing

Having a steady stream of revenue is essential to having a successful office. Try to have cash reserves to cover all of your expenses and invest your money in upgrading departments that generate the most revenue. Also, don’t forget to collect bonuses, such as offline revenue, to help keep the cash flowing even when you’re not playing. The more revenue your office generates, the higher your Forbes rating will be.


In summary, achieving a Forbes rating in Idle Office Tycoon requires attention to detail and proactive management. By upgrading key departments, investing in better employees, keeping your office clean and tidy, completing quests and achievements and keeping the cash flowing, anyone can reach their goal of earning a top-tier Forbes rating. Remember: the key to success is persistence, hard work, and smart management!

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