How to Pass Exams with High Grades

How to Pass Exams with High Grades

8 Tips for High Marks
Your studies should be done in a systematic way throughout the year. Don’t let it go until the last minute.
As you revise, take notes. This will make it easier to remember key facts.
You should set a realistic time frame for revision. Don’t be afraid to fail.
Study in a quiet, device-free environment. There are no TVs, texts or calls.
You can revise in just two steps. The first reading is intended to provide an overview. Take notes on key points during the second review.
Use audio, writing and reading to learn facts. Variation will help you keep the subject relevant.
Take a test to see if you can rehearse for your exam. This can be done by a study-buddy.
Take short breaks during revision. Exercise can help maintain energy levels.
How to manage exam stress
Keep Your Study Plan Simple
Not making a study schedule should be more challenging than revision. Do not try to split each hour into details about the subjects. KISS is shorthand for Keep It Simple Stupid. Take a look at exam papers from the previous year. These papers will give you an indication of the types and likely questions that may be asked during the exam. These may be available at your college or university. Alternatively, you can purchase previous years’ papers directly from the exam boards.
Eat healthy meals, exercise and drink water
Regular exercise and healthy eating will help you reduce stress during your revision period. It is tempting not to realize that even if you are busy, it doesn’t make a difference if you eat real food. It is important to get a good nights sleep and a balanced meal so you can focus and study. These articles don’t always help students with homework. Students turn to tutors and writing services to find the best. GlobalHack has a sample of user feedback and a paperhacker review.
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