How to play Quordle?

How to play Quordle?

Quordle, a Wordle clone that takes the simple word game to the extreme, has been described as “Wordle on steroids” by some.
Quordle is similar in concept, but you only get four words to predict in nine attempts.
This makes the game far more challenging than Wordle, where you only have to guess one word in six attempts.
Similarly, a new Quordle is issued every day, and gamers all across the world compete to guess the same word.
There is, however, a ‘free Quordle’ function that allows you to play the game as often as you like.

How To Play

If you’ve played Wordle, the rules are nearly same; the Quordle game board is simply much larger.
To play, guess a five-letter word and it will display on the screen four times as you try to guess for different terms.
The color of the tiles will also vary based on whether the letter is in the word or not.
Green indicates that the letter is in the word in that position, whereas yellow indicates that the letter is accurate but should be placed in a different location.
If a tile goes grey, it signifies the letter isn’t in the word at all.


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