What should be included in the introduction? First and foremost, briefly discuss the concepts that appear in the topic of the paper. Sometimes students do not elaborate on these because they seem trivial to them, but it is worth looking at them carefully. For example, one topic from last year was: “Describe the economic and social consequences of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 19th century. Use source material in your work’. So it is worth writing not only that freeessaywriters will be analysing the economic and social consequences of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, but also what characterised the 19th century and what these consequences were (negative/positive/differentiated/how they affected different European countries, etc.). We should also remember to state a thesis statement.
We should include an appropriate argument in the development. Students who find it difficult to structure their historical knowledge can put their reflections in chronological form. For those who feel a little more confident in historical issues, it would be a good idea to create a problem-based essay and divide their reflections, for example according to the key: political, social and cultural issues or slightly differently, depending on the topic of the baccalaureate essay. In this part, too, we should not forget to explain the concepts and discuss the problem in question in a solid way.
In the conclusion, we briefly cite the issues discussed in the body of the paper. Summarise the topic and restate the thesis. You can also include a well-known proverb or a quotation from a famous historian.

The written work for the History Baccalaureate does not only require knowledge of historical issues. Attention should also be paid to stylistic correctness, spelling and punctuation, the correct form of the paper (introduction, development of the conclusion) and problematic discussion of the issue.

Mistakes when writing a history paper
Writing a paper for the History Baccalaureate is quite a challenge for some students. Many make mistakes which are better avoided:

It is not enough to simply boast about one’s knowledge of a given historical topic. Sometimes students, in a fit of joy at knowing what to write on a given topic, forget about the form of the paper, for which they have points deducted;
Pupils sometimes discuss the topic too narrowly, forgetting that, depending on the specific topic, not only political or social aspects but also those relating to religion, literature or culture need to be taken into account. Knowledge of the Polish language will also be at a premium here;
Some high school graduates hand in their work without checking it first. Such self-correction can be very useful indeed;
Some students do not use source material when writing their work, and it is worth including it in their work. Discussing a particular text or graphic can only enrich our essay.

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