Is water purifier for home really helpful?

Is water purifier for home really helpful?

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of global diseases are linked to substandard drinking water quality. Across the country, 20.4 percent of faucet water is substandard. Even if the water you drink is up to standard, it’s not necessarily good water.

Urban water supply system is used all year round, after chlorine disinfection, there are heavy metals, rust, residual chlorine, water quality excellent…… There are many families live in tall buildings, tap water to go through the water tank, belongs to the secondary water supply, if the maintenance cycle of pipeline equipment is long or disinfection is not timely, the water quality is very serious.

Because of the insufficient water pressure, the old community usually adopts the way of secondary water supply, which leads the water into the top floor water tank, and then tranches it down from the water tank. So we need a water purifier machine for home to purifier our water quality.

Water tank without regular maintenance, it is easy to cause secondary pollution; Don’t think that your home is a new community is fine, in the process of the water plant to each household, to go through a long pipe network transportation, which is more risk, rust corrosion is often a thing, there are many because of pipe rupture led to external biological entry cases.

In the final analysis, even if the quality of the water from the water plant can be guaranteed, the quality of the water transported to your home after a long pipe is still unknown, it is really difficult to drink a good drink of water!

At present, the purchase right of large and small household appliances is transferring from the hands of the previous generation to the hands of the new generation of young consumers. Their preference for products is no longer purely “durable” and “cheap”, but the selling points such as appearance level, intelligence and multi-scene application have become decisive purchase considerations.

For water purification products, consumers need water purification, drinking water, heating and other multi-functional integration, reduce the purchase and operation costs, to achieve a multi-purpose effect. At the same time, with the iterative development of technology, young people have higher and higher requirements for its intelligence, not only the free operation of smart phone terminals, but also the automation degree of the machine itself has higher requirements.

Many friends in order to ensure the safety of the water quality of the choice of seemingly safe bottled water, but bottled water must be safe?

First, barreled water is a mixed bag, and there is no guarantee that everyone can meet the standards.

Secondly, the home countertop water filter dispenser is not cleaned for a long time, it is also easy to become a breeding ground for dirt and germs, especially for the water which can not rely on the senses to distinguish good from bad things, a little attention will be “disease from mouth”.

With the continuous upgrading of water purification technology, deep purification has become the standard equipment of clean drinking equipment, but the high replacement core cost has also become one of the important reasons to discourage some users.

So, if you want to ensure the safety of water, the best way is actually a water purifier. The water purifier can purify the water quality at the outlet, and it can also quantify the water quality through instruments and equipment, so that the water quality that humans cannot perceive can be intuitively displayed digitally.

At present, the mainstream water purification technology on the market mainly consists of four categories, coarse filter, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, RO water purifier. Coarse filter can only filter the sediment in the water, unidentified organisms and other large substances, many friends cohabit cheap choice of leading simple water purifier actually uses the coarse filter purification technology, this kind of purification effect is better than none, the water may look clear, but in essence there is not much change.

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