Key elements of writing a narrative essay

Key elements of writing a narrative essay

A narrative essay is a kind of essay in which the whole essay revolves around a single motif or central point. All events, incidents, and characters revolve around the central point which was presented in the narrative. It is not different from other types of essays in narration and formatting. The only difference that exists is that it is a narration of a specific event or incident which includes dialogues as well. The aim of the narrative essay is not to narrate an entertaining tale but to explain the significance of the experience associated with it. The essay writer free tries his best to keep the audiences involved in the storytelling so that they can develop their interest in it.



Many students find it challenging to develop a high-notch narrative essay. Students can avail paper writing service from different websites to get their customized narrative essays. Writing service providers can be found from all around the world who can easily resolve the problems of students regarding writing and research. It is not difficult to write a narrative essay if you have good writing skills. Students should work on their writing and research skills to write a good essay. Some of the suggestions on writing a good narrative essay are as follows:


In a narrative essay, complex words should be avoided because they create a hindrance to clarity. Ideas should be clearly explained while writing sentences and paragraphs. If you use complex words and syntax in the essay, the purpose of the essay would not be fulfilled. The readers would not understand the message you want to convey in an essay.

Keep the Balanced Description

In a narrative essay, everything should be explained in a balanced way. It must not include a detailed description of every movement. A detailed description of each movement will add unnecessary things to the essay and will make the readers bored of it. Only describe those movements which are necessary and relevant to the context of the essay.

First-Person Narrative

The most significant part of the narrative essay is that the essay writer online narrates those events which he experienced. So the writer should always use the first narrative in the description of the essay. The second-person narrative will deteriorate the very true spirit of the essay.

Usage of Dynamic Words

In order to develop the interest of the reader in the essay, use dynamic words. Same slang, phrase, and idioms must be used which are utilized in the speech. Always use active voice and passive construction of the sentences must be avoided.

Limited References

Try to use limited references in your essay because it is the narration of your own story. You can cite the work of the other essay writer if you find it helpful. But too many references should not be included in the essay.

Choose aTopic

To select a topic to write a narrative essay, think about the important events of your life which can be turned into a great story. Think about the special experiences of your life and the things which you learned in the past. All these things would help you to develop a good topic to write an essay on.

Influential Writing

To put the impact of the essay on the readers, the essay should be connected with the reader on an emotional level. Before starting writing always select your targeted audiences. Narrate a story in such a way that it includes emotions and escalates an empathetic response. Use the tools of imagery and vivid details.

Organization of the Essay

There is no specific rule for the structure of the narrative essay. But it must consist of the introduction, body, and conclusion. To attract the attention of the readers adds something dramatic in the introduction. The body should explain important events. The final paragraph[h should wrap up the important points of the essay.

Hacks for Writing Process

While writing the narrative essay, anecdotes and dialogues must be included in the essay. to connect the sentences of different paragraphs transition words should be used. Make the usage of the words which depict emotions and excitement in the essay.

Essential Points

In the narrative essay, the story or experience is explained in chronological order. These types of essays also involve a significant purpose or aim. The purpose of the essay is explained in the thesis statement which is included in the introduction section of the essay. Dialogues can also be used in the narrative essay to increase persuasion. The success of a narrative essay depends upon the sensory details and bright description which can easily involve the audience. Plot, character, theme, conflict, and setting are considered as the most significant components of the narrative essay. While writing students need to focus on all these elements as these ensure a successful essay or else consider the free essay writer.

Proofreading and Editing

Once you are done with the writing the essay should be edited or proofread. It will help you to correct the grammatical and spelling mistakes in the essay. After writing the essay, delete all those things which are unnecessary for the essay.

There are many students who consider these suggestions difficult to follow. A student can ask to write my essay to different writing companies. Friends and family members who are good at writing and research can also provide their help to the students.

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