mario games

mario games

Like the classic mario games, your mission in this game is to kill enemies to earn the score, but be careful, don’t crash into the obstacles. There are coins strewn throughout for Mario to collect, as well as bricks labeled with a question mark that, when smashed, may or may not expose further coins or other items. If you have the time, you should also try to smash other bricks, since they can conceal cash or unique things. When Mario eats a Super Mushroom, he doubles in size and acquires the power to destroy bricks above him, transforming into Super Mario. If Mario is hit while in this form, he will revert to his normal self rather than perish. After consuming a Fire Flower, Mario transforms into Fire Mario, who can launch bouncing fireballs from his hands. To become Star Mario, Mario must come into contact with a bouncing Super Star, a rare power-up. By transforming into this form, Mario becomes practically impervious to damage and may kill foes with a single touch. Make the most of your newfound abilities while you can, for this is only a temporary shape.

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