Metropol FM is a Multi-Cultural Juggernaut

Metropol FM is a Multi-Cultural Juggernaut

Located in the fanciest city in the world, Metropol FM is the brainchild of Tamer Ergun Yikici, a well-heeled conglomerate with a vested interest in all things telephonic. The brainchild’s raison d’être is a multi-media empire that includes a 24-hour flagship station, four radio stations, two TV stations and a web portal for all things related to the region. It is a multi-cultural hub for the likes of Turks, Jews and Arabs, to name but a few. A plethora of smaragdous enclaves serve to make Metropol FM a bona fide dynasty.

Although the company has a meager 25 employees in the Berlin environs, the aforementioned juggernaut is a well-oiled machine and the best part of the sex off is the camaraderie. The company’s flagship station is home to the city’s only full-time Turkish DJ, the man formerly known as ‘Turkish aficionado’, a veritable arsenal of DJ’s and a burgeoning list of loyalists. The company also operates a slew of other entertainment venues ranging from the nightclub to the hangout and, of course, a slew of fanciful libations.

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