New release: OpenPlug Studio CR13 New release: OpenPlug Studio CR13

New release: OpenPlug Studio CR13 New release: OpenPlug Studio CR13

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest release of OpenPlug Studio (v3.0.9.45-149).

This new release brings :

Airplay support for iOS devicesiOS application package signature on WindowsBuild time reduction… and a bunch of bug fixes>> download it now

Airplay support for iOS devices

Airplay support in openPlug StudioThe combination of a smartphone + a smart TV allows for very compelling use cases. This is why we start introducing new “multiscreen” features. In this release you will be able to use AirPlay in your apps for iOS devices to stream video to a TV connected to an Apple TV set-top-box. Our Media Player component now displays a button to let the user select AirPlay as an output. You can set it through a parameter of the SystemAPI playVideoFile() method.

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iOS Application Package Signature on Windows

SampleWindows users rejoice ! We have now implemented IPA package signature for iTunes distribution on Windows, in our “Generate IPA Package” iOS toolchain. You will need to provision your publisher credentials in your project settings (mobile provisioning file, p12 certificate, certificate password). Once the IPA is built you can add it in iTunes and synchronise your app with your iPhone or iPad, all on Windows. Please refer to the Project Settings and Building for iPhone tutorials for details.

Build time reduction

OpenPlug Studio builds apps fasterThis is our second pass on making builds even faster with OpenPlug Studio. In the previous release, we implemented incremental builds, check more info on our blog – We have now brought a very significant reduction in the duration of first-time builds for your app projects. For large apps, the build time is now up to 4 times faster. We love making you more productive …

Bug Fixes
As part of this release come a number of bug fixes requested by our users through the vote for change requests page. These include (amongst others):

Fixes to the com.adobe.serialisation.json::JSONDecoder() methodClosing popover UI component when screen is rotatedTwitter xAuth loginSQLite issues fixed on Android… and many othersCheck out the release notes for more details.OpenPlug Studio CR 12 is out

We are excited to announce the new release of OpenPlug Studio (v3.0.8.33-147 ).This new release brings :

Android 3.2 (HoneyComb) is here
SampleAndroid 3.2 is here and you can use OpenPlug Studio to create apps for devices running Android 3.2 such as the ASUS EeePad. Check the Android Developers website for details on the Android 3.2 version.
How to get your OpenPlug apps on Android 3.2? Just rebuild your existing apps with the new OpenPlug Studio CR 12. Your new apps will support it by default when created with the CR 12 release.

Build time optimization

notifFollowing some common requests on the developer forum, we are working on reducing the build time to get you even more productive (and reduce your coffee consumption;-)). Our first achievement – coming in OpenPlug studio CR 12 – is a drastic optimization of the build for target. When building again for a given platform, only the source files that were modified will be recompiled.

New UICatalog for tablets

notifThe UICatalog application – that contains code snippets and samples for your reference – has been updated for tablets. Its layout now relies on the SplitView UI control which makes the sample app take the best of the tablet orientation: list displayed in a split-view in landscape mode and full-screen view with pop-over list in portrait mode.
For implementation details, please refer to the UICatalog sample application using the OpenPlug Studio “import sample” button.

Users change requests

As part of this release comes bug fixes and features asked by our users through the vote for change requests page. Change requests highlights:

Support of Mac OS X LionGet the OS version number using the device.Capabilities.OS class

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