Product Comparison: Shark Navigator Nv360 Vs. Nv352

Product Comparison: Shark Navigator Nv360 Vs. Nv352

A next-generation vacuum cleaner costs the same price, why do they still keep the old one ?

For householders, it’s not difficult to pick up a brand name that has a good reputation for producing vacuum cleaners: Shark. This enterprise has released a variety of models, from upright vacuums to robotic cleaners, among which are machines at reasonable prices but excellent in performance. In this post, we are going to talk bout one of the top-rated vacuum cleaners in the market: Shark navigator nv352 and another model in the nv300 series: Shark Navigator NV360 reviews.


  • Design

There are not many differences on how these two models appear as they are of the same series. Both are not heavy, about 13lbs, and 45.5 inches high. Their wheels are designed to run more smoothly, so they have no difficulties in moving, and they are both equipped with swivel steerings that allow them to be easy to maneuver.

Shark navigator lift-away nv360 and nv352 have the same wattage of 1,200 watts and a power cord of 25 feet, which enable them to clean a large space and maintain stable suction power.

  • Features

Despite a later version, Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 still has several technologies which already exist in the previous model. The HEPA filter is the first one they have in common as there are no significant innovations in the engine. Lift-away mode is the next technology appearing in both models. As we all know, this feature allows users to bring the detached canister to some places that the whole machine cannot reach, therefore improve the efficiency of cleaning tasks.


The biggest difference between the two machines comes from their performance. Both can work effectively on various kinds of surfaces, but Shark vacuum nv352 is better at cleaning hardwood floors while Shark navigator 360 shows its superiority in obtaining pet hair.

Next, each model has some own tools that make it more outstanding than the other in some functions. Shark nv352 has amazing crevice tools with two kinds: 24-inch and 5.5-inch, which makes it more effective in cleaning narrow spaces like corners, while Shark nv360 comes with an extension wand that allows it to deal well with cracks.

Both have their technologies used for solving problems of clogging insides. Shark nv352 can perform outstanding suction power with cyclones technology, so that it can avoid “debris jam” while operating. Shark nv360 is equipped with a light sensor that can help it recognize when the inside part gets stuck.

There are some other minor differences between these two. The real weight of nv352 is 12.5lbs while nv360 is half a pound heavier. The canister of nv352 can obtain up to 1.1 dry quarts while nv360 can get 1.2, and, finally, the former releases a noise level of 73dB while that of the latter is 80dB.

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As mentioned, Shark vacuum NV360 and Shark nv352 have nearly the same price. Both are about $200 at the moment (excluding discount). This is considered a reasonable price for the two items in the top-rated list.


Now we can understand why Shark still keep nv352 while they have nv360. Despite different technologies used, they both show their superb performance and each one is effective on a specific surface of the house. Recently, they are the best choices in their price level. Users can consider bringing home one of them based on what they want to clean in their houses.

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