Roofers are exposed to the following dangers

Roofers are exposed to the following dangers

  • Extreme heat Roofers work under the sun for long hours and are also surrounded by reflected heat. If workers aren’t aware of how hot it is, they could become dehydrated or heatstroke while working in such conditions.
  • Slippery conditions Walking on roofs can pose a danger if it is slippery, snowy, wet, or rainy. Safety is paramount when climbing onto a roof.
  • Ladders: A ladder that is not properly secured can cause serious injury or even death. Roofers who need to access the roof from the inside of buildings must use ladders.
  • Vents and ductwork: Any obstructions or obstructions that protrude from the roof can block workers’ view or pose a danger to their safety.
  • Trees and wires: It is not unusual for electrical wires to cross roofs or for tree branches partially to obscure views. Roofers can fall or trip over these hazards, as well as suffer serious injuries from HVAC equipment and overhead power lines.

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