Shark Navigator Lift-Away Series: Are They Still Great in 2021?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Series: Are They Still Great in 2021?

The Shark navigator lift-away series of upright vacuums is almost legendary. Although they have been on the market for years, they remain as popular as ever.

After all, it’s hard to say no when these uprights have all of the characteristics of a great household vacuum cleaner. They are affordable, they perform decently well, and they’re pretty versatile with the addition of the unique Lift-Away technology.

But are they still as great as they seem in 2021 when there are now many modern, affordable, and technologically-advanced vacuums out there?

Let’s see!

  • Are Their Cleaning Performance Still Good?

The cleaning performance of most Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuums still hold up very well. Our performance tests on a variety of Shark Navigators — from the old Shark Navigator NV360 to the newer Shark Navigator Lift upright vacuum ZU561 — all turned out excellent results.

All of them performed particularly well on bare floors. In addition, they can handle carpeting but their cleaning efficiency is merely acceptable. You may find scraps of dirt and debris here and there, but the majority of the dirt particles would have already been removed.

Cleaning efficiency against pet hair ranges from one model to another. Older models usually don’t cope very well against pet hair. Meanwhile, newer models like the Shark Navigator Lift Away ZU561 — with the help of Shark’s self-cleaning brush roll — performs better.

Overall, you will still find these vacuums useful in 2021 regardless of which model you choose. Just make sure to read their respective Shark navigator lift away reviews carefully and understand all of their quirks before you make your purchase.

  • Outdated Design?

A lot of people seem to think that Shark Navigator upright vacuums are antiquated with big, bulky, and ugly designs. This only applies for older-gen vacuums like the Shark Lift Away vacuums NV351 or NV360.

If you were to look at the updated variants like the Shark Lift Away vacuum cleaner ZU561 or LA322, they would look very modern and beautiful.

Next, there’s the Lift-Away design. This tech is timeless. As of right now, there aren’t many upright vacuums out there that incorporate this design. So basically, the Shark Navigators are still very unique compared to the rest of the market. Yes, that includes even the decade-old Navigator models.

  • The Air Filtering System

It’s impossible to talk about the Shark Navigator without mentioning its air filtering system. This part is just as important as the Lift-Away canister.

Compared to a lot of vacuum cleaners out there (even models that cost $500 or $600), the Shark Navigator Lift Away bagless upright vacuum cleaners have very robust air filtration systems.

All of them come standard with a HEPA filter. This filter, according to Shark, is based on ASTM F1977 standard and is capable of handling 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. In other words, the vacuum can protect you from the smallest of airborne threats, including harmful airborne bacteria.

Shark Navigator vacuums also come with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. It seals off the vacuum’s body and prevents dirt, bacteria, and allergen from leaking.

All of this makes the Shark Lift Away vacuums especially relevant in 2021. HEPA filters have been found by studies to be effective at fighting COVID-19. As a matter of fact, HEPA air filtration units are used in hospitals to purify the atmosphere.


Contrary to popular’s belief, the Shark navigator lift away upright vacuums series are still excellent purchases in 2021. Just pick the model that appeals best to you and suit your budget. We’re confident that the model you selected is going to satisfy!

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