She doesn’t pick up the phone?

She doesn't pick up the phone?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he asked me why he can get phone numbers, but none of the girls ever want to pick up or go out with him. So, how do we correct this? Before I get started, let me say, that no woman really expects to find a boyfriend in a nightclub. Chances are, if she meets a guy in a club, what she really wants is unattached sex that night.

What this means, is that she isn’t really looking for attachment with a guy she meets in a club. If you’re talking to her and she’s really into you, she wants you to take her home. Now that I think about it, it’s VERY rare for me to invite a girl somewhere else (like my place) and not have her come with. So if you can see that she’s really into you, your main problem is simply not asking for the sale (i.e. you’re not asking her to leave with you).

I’m getting off track. I’ll touch on that another day, but for now, let’s get back on subject. Here’s how you increase your chances of her picking up the phone and agreeing to a date when you call:

Engage her friends in conversation as well

Brides are social, very, very social. So chances are, she’s going to talk to her friends and see what they think about you. What does this mean to you? When you’re talking to her, not only are you charming her, but you have to charm her friends as well. You win them over, and they’re going to keep asking her about you after the fact.

If they approve of you and can see you with her because you’re a charming guy, she’ll pick up the phone when you call. When I use to call a girl, and her friends were around when I got her phone number, she’d usually tell me about how her friends thought that I was funny, nice, or whatever. Win her friends over, and you win her.

Set up the date

My main strategy has always been to set up the date before I even get the phone number. I like to get her excited about it, and then exchange phone numbers. This will separate you from the guys who just ask for the phone number. So instead of the guy who just asks for the phone number, you stand out as the guy who actually set up a date.

This will cause her to take you a little more seriously, and not a guy just looking for a piece of ass. She may be feeling like a one-night stand that night, but she probably won’t feel the same when you call. And by the way, brides love it when you can take them somewhere new and exciting. Keep that in mind when setting up the date.

Talk to her longer

Don’t just get the phone number and leave. That’s too typical. Instead, stay and make a connection. The longer you two talk, the more of an imprint you’re going to leave on her mind. So, instead of just another random guy that talked to her for five minutes and left, you’re going to leave a bigger imprint on her mind, and she’s going to think about you moreso than she would a random guy who only stayed for five minutes.

You don’t have to stay there and talk to her for an hour, but you should gradually touch base. Touching base is simply talking to her, going about your business, and then talking to her periodically throughout the night.

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Give her a reason why you like her

Don’t just get her number. Tell her why you want her number. It wouldn’t hurt to say something as minor as “you’re a goofball, we so have to hang out this weekend”. Brides like it when you can see something in them about their personality. Again, this is about taking that extra step that others guy simply don’t take.

Remember, if you call and she says that she’s busy, then she’s busy. Don’t look too deeply into it. And NEVER, EVER, beg her to come out with you. That should help some of you out, but in all reality, you should be going for the one-night stand with brides you meet in nightclubs anyway.

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