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From Start To Finish

So what are we doing about it?? = like you’ve said, we’ve got to meet each other half way/contribute but at the same time not tolerate poor behaviour. Don’t forget that the relationship kickstarted with some kind of ‘spark’ (they each liked things about the other) and have ticked the boxes in line with the standards we look for in someone – otherwise its just surface level. Hey, are our standards set too low?!


Interestingly, a lot of people are waiting for their ‘ideal/dream’ person to come along like they deserve to be treated to something special (good on them) but then if the person they just ‘left’ was like 95% of this ideal, have they made a mistake? (said with the benefit of hindsight), could they have done something different?, what did they contribute to the relationship?. This brings us back to the start of the thread.

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