The Best Yoga Teachers on YouTube To Assist You With Your At-Home Practice

The Best Yoga Teachers on YouTube To Assist You With Your At-Home Practice

While many facilities have closed and reopened due to isolation, starting a regular yoga practice has never been easier than it is right now.


The problem is picking who will be your go-to yogi, especially with so many free online yoga courses from qualified instructors available on YouTube. But don’t worry, we’ve already done the homework for you, just as we did when we discovered the best YouTube Pilates teachers to visit to check about yogitimes.


Do you want to begin or resume an at-home practice? We’ve produced a list of 12 of the best yoga teachers on YouTube to help you choose your favorite and get started.


Please keep reading to see all of them.

Adriene Mishler, named “the patron saint of quarantine” by Paper magazine, has over 7 million YouTube subscribers—all for a good cause.


Her philosophy is simple: “Find what makes you happy.” It’s a word she uses often, and it lingers in your mind long after you’ve walked away from the mat. Mishler’s down-to-earth personality and candid (and sometimes hilarious) teaching style make you feel like you’re practicing yoga with a friend. Her videos come in a variety of lengths, making them appropriate for both beginners and seasoned yogis.


If that weren’t enough, her video collection is a veritable “yoga medicine,” with a flow for practically every emotion and need, from releasing creativity to relaxing social anxiety and all kinds of discomfort (her upper back ones are outstanding after a long WFH day), and more.


Her adorable dog Benji (also a yogi) regularly participates in her lessons, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.




Yoga With Kassandra’s Kassandra Reinhardt has almost five years of films covering a variety of yoga styles. Nonetheless, her calming Yin yoga classes are often cited as some of the finest on the Internet. A specialist hip-opening stretch exercise, a video to handle upper back knots, and even one mainly made for runners are among the many videos in her Yin collection.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced, therapeutic yoga that gently applies strain to the body’s connective tissues to improve circulation and flexibility in the joints for those unfamiliar with the method. Consider the phrases ‘Yin and Yang,’ where ‘Yang’ means hot and dynamic, and ‘Yin’ means cold and unmoving, as this form of yoga is all about.


Instead of flowing quickly, the postures are maintained for 45 seconds to two minutes, with adept yogis lasting even longer.




Sjana Elise Earp, an Australian yogi, is a fan of Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT app and has a fantastic YouTube channel with yoga and guided meditation videos.


Earp’s videos are great for folks who prefer more extended, more rigorous workouts (like this ‘fire building hamstring practice’… thanks). They’re often filmed on the beach or in a similarly beautiful place.


Earp’s cheery personality and genuine encouragement help improve your spirits and drive you to give it your best every time you step foot on the mat, no matter how difficult some of the videos are (and she does have some short and starting ones in her repertoire).

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