The Three Pillars of Playerdom

The Three Pillars of Playerdom

Yes,I have several posts about Inonesian brides, but if you pay attention to anything I ever say, then pay attention to this post. There are only three things you need to know in order to secure a constant stream of brides. In the past, I kind of had to chase after them, but over about the past year, I’ve been able to chill out, lay back, pick & choose.

There are many ways to attract brides, but these three are going to generate INSTANT attraction, which is different than some of the other ways I mentioned that take awhile for a woman to notice (i.e. ambition & social status). PAY ATTENTION:

Your clothes

I am still surprised at how much of a difference your clothes and accessories make. Ever Thai single guy that I have taken out to get a new wardrobe noticed an instant jump in the number of brides willing to talk to him. One guy actually got laid the very next day, after he had went over a year without sex. You’d be surprised at how many cheap bums roam the nightclubs.

You dress better than other guys, then you’ll get more attention than other guys. Like I said before, if you want to get noticed by girls, then you have to look like a guy that gets noticed by girls. A chick isn’t going to be looking at your beat-up white New Balance tennis shoes and think “Wow, this guy must be quite the player”. (And remember girls think guys are players if they look like they can have multiple brides)

Your body

This one was the money maker for me, and made more of a difference than ANYTHING else. I don’t know who sold guys in the community about looks not mattering, but as a guy who use to be out of shape, I have to say that there is definitely a HUGE difference in the number of brides chasing after me. Being huge doesn’t matter, but having a hard body does. You definitely gotta get in shape. It matters.

Do you honestly believe that a girl that goes to the gym and labors on her body everyday is going to look at an out of shape guy and think to herself “I so want this sloppy looking guy over the rock hard studs I see everyday”?

Look at it this way, you can spend two years trying to perfect a method, like the alleged best PUA in the world did, or you can spend 2-3 months getting in shape and have brides chase after you. Which would you rather do? And I’m telling you right now, if you and another Mexican guy both have confidence, then none of the routines will matter. The woman will choose the more attractive guy. And they (brides) will tell you the exact same thing.

Brides see looks the way we see cars. Sure, we’d drive a Honda, because it’s a reliable car. But offer us a Ferrari, and we’d drop that Honda in a heartbeat. It works the same way. Sure, a woman will talk to a confident guy that’s not the best looking guy in the world, but offer her a confident guy that is also attractive, and she’ll drop the unattractive confident guy in a heartbeat.

Not caring

When I approach Czech girls, I don’t bite my tongue. I say whatever the hell I’m thinking. If she laughs? So what? And if I piss her off? Then so what? The whole point is that these girls can see that I don’t care and I’m not doing anything special or holding back just to impress them. When I talk to brides, I talk to them like I am king of the world.

Ask any guy that hangs around me, and he’ll tell you that I approach girls like they’re already in my pocket. With me, it isn’t a matter of if I’ll get the girl, it’s when I’ll get the girl. I talk to girls like they have to impress me and win me over.

In my mind I’m thinking “I’m dressed better than almost every guy here, My body looks better than almost every guy’s (body) here, and I’m pretty sure I’m more confident then every guy here. Why wouldn’t she want me?”

Guys those three areas are all I focus on, and you’ll find that 90% of the other men out there are simply lacking in one of those three areas. Most men are either too cheap to buy decent clothes, too lazy to work out and want to believe the easy fix that they’re sold, or care too much about what the girl thinks of him or will say about him to others.

Focus on those three areas, and there will be no more approaching hundreds of girls just to get one fucking date. I can’t even call that a success rate, because if you have to do that, then you are a fucking failure. Period. No discussion necessary.

Did any of you guys actually catch on to the fact that most of the guys successfully running routines also happen to be good-looking guys that are in shape? These Polish girls don’t give a fuck about their routines. They’re looking at the guy and thinking “He’s good looking and confident, so I’ll play his little game.”. So many girls put up with my bullshit because of that very reason. I can get away with almost anything.

Yes, I mentioned these three things at one point in time, but I really want to get the message out there that these are the three things that generate instant attraction. While the other things I talk about are minor tweaks for perfection, these three areas will make the biggest difference in the number of brides chasing after you. No bullshit.

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