Want to Revive Your Dead Car Battery? Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

Want to Revive Your Dead Car Battery? Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

Regarding comfort, purchasing a car is a wise investment. Even though it is a depreciated asset, managing daily responsibilities and saving time with it always proves to be valuable. People do, however, spend a lot of money on their cars, but do they fully understand how they operate?

There are very slim chances that the majority of us are even aware of the car’s battery. The purpose of this discussion is to highlight how a battery behaves admirably up until it begins to deceive you.

A battery is generally necessary for a car to perform a number of tasks, including starting it and powering its electronics. However, a dead battery could invite trouble when you try to start your car.

Here, point is to clarify the battery situation. It indicates whether a battery can be recharged after it has been discharged or if it is completely dead. If it is completely dead, is there any chance of reviving it?

Many people frequently deal with the issue of a bad battery that won’t seem to start their cars. They might find themselves in the hustle when your car’s battery refuses to respond.

How to recharge a dead car battery?

A 12V battery carries 12.9 Volt if it is properly charged, but when the voltage goes down, for example, 11 V, a battery cannot start a car. However, a battery might get discharged for various reasons such as alternator issue or having on rest for an extended period of time with a occasionally moving vehicle.

Usually, a car’s battery receives the adequate charge from the alternator while a car runs particularly. However, it might take one or two hour of constant charging to get a battery full. Avoid using any car features like the air conditioning, radio, etc that draw power from the battery to ensure that this works as effectively as possible.

But, if a battery does not even have enough charge to start a car, then you might need an alternative to start a car.

If you turn the key in the ignition and your car won’t even start, you probably have a dead battery or, in general, a discharged battery. An alternate approach, if you see that the voltage in your battery is much lower than it should be, would only work for you. However, a good solution to this issue is to jump start your car. However, you need not to go for a voltage check.

Jump start method requires jumper cables and a second vehicle. The cables that connect your car’s battery under the hood are all connected to the battery of the second car while taking all necessary safety precautions. The cables will transfer power from the second vehicle’s alternator to your vehicle’s battery while the second vehicle’s engine is running, and after a few minutes, your battery should have enough power to start your vehicle.

However, you might not have jump start cables available every time, especially if you face a battery issue away from home. In such a condition, it is wise to ask for a roadside assistance service from Service My Car.

So, is it possible to recharge a dead battery?

Of course! It is possible to recharge a dead battery until it attains a permanent dead state. As there is no doubt, a battery usually serves for approximately three to five years while driving a car. However, the question arises: is it possible to jump a completely dead car battery?

Can jump start help in the revival of a completely dead battery?

However, a jump start always proves to be a valuable remedy to a dead battery.  What if a battery attains a certain state when you can start your vehicle even with applying jump start?

Remember that you won’t be able to jump start your vehicle if the battery has been discharged too low. If jumping your car doesn’t work, your battery most likely has sulfation.

What does sulfation signify?

Sulfation is the state of your car’s battery when it discharges at a certain level and it is impossible to get it back to a charged state.

Small sulphate crystals made of lead and sulphur develop on a lead acid battery’s plates during discharge. This is a typical by product of discharge. However, if a battery is discharged for an excessive amount of time, the soft deposits turn into hard, stable crystals that block the battery’s ability to store electricity; eventually a battery heads towards the end of its life.

Is it possible to recover from sulfation?

There are methods for recovering from sufation, but they should be recognised very quickly.

You can achieve this by overcharging a fully charged battery for roughly 24 hours using a regulated current of about 200mA. Sulfate crystals are more easily dissolved when the battery’s terminal voltage increases.

However, a discharged battery requires specialised chargers, which are available on the market. To reverse sulfation, these devices operate by delivering pulses to the battery terminals.

At one point of time, you cannot revive a battery that has gone through sulfation. Rather, go for a car battery replacement at a reputable service centre such as Service My Car. Book a car service or order a car repair quote anytime on our website or app.

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