What are Pillow Boxes? And Why Should You Care?

What are Pillow Boxes? And Why Should You Care?

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Don’t you know about pillow boxes? There are many product packaging boxes in the market, and different businesses choose different product boxes according to their desires. Custom Pillow boxes have attracted a lot of industries to package their products. 

Most businesses like them because of their smooth design. They look lovely in the stores to grasp the attention of individuals and boost sales. They are an excellent packaging solution for lightweight and handy goods. Do you need to know why they have become so significant packaging? 

Following is a detailed guide to learning more about their significance for your business.


What Are Pillow Boxes?


Pillow packaging boxes tend to be a unique type of packaging. It is better for lesser and lighter-weight items. This contains gift cards, jewellery, etc. The custom boxes can pop into shape to look like a small cardboard pillow. They have joining tabs that are present to keep contents harmless. 

There are many dissimilar types of packaging obtainable nowadays. Businesses can find those flawless for what they are marketing. Focusing on this part of one’s product is imperative if you want sales to grow. This is because wholesale packaging is the first impression one catches of a product. 

If the impression is not good enough, sales will not grow. Moreover, it will not be capable of attracting people. Pillow boxes UK are a popular choice to get the best worthy response.

The shape makes them stand out when engaged with the competition. In addition, the retail industry employs these custom packaging boxes for their products. Another great use of these wholesale boxes is to package party favours and wedding gifts. 


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It is possible to contain finishing touches like stickers, ribbons, the theme colour, and a coating that you need. Pillow boxes wholesale increase a business and give it a good reputation. In addition, the next discusses why you should consider pillow packaging boxes.


Pillow Boxes UK Made Of Good-Quality Material


It is essential to select packaging made from the best material and most flawless for what you are selling. The material choice impacts whether the items inside will remain safe or not. There are many packaging material options accessible that these boxes can be made from.

The best ones include Kraft pillow wholesale boxes made from wholesale cardboard or corrugated cardboard. These materials are all sturdy. Furthermore, they will keep your goods the most secure as the box will not break.

The materials are what pillow packaging boxes can be made from. There are no unsafe chemicals present in them that can damage the product inside. They will not be dangerous to the public’s health as well.


You should also select these boxes as the packaging materials are sustainable. Moreover, they will not damage the environment. Many customers nowadays look for this type of wholesale packaging because they know what effects global warming and pollution have on the atmosphere.


  • Customers Want These


Pillow boxes wholesale design according to what customers want can fascinate these people with the product. Before designing these boxes, some research occurs. In addition, the research finds out the specific age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc., of consumers.

The details assembled can create boxes perfect for customers’ needs. For instance, if the jewellery is being put in boxes for ladies, the boxes will be designed to look attired. 

It will pull the attention of ladies. The ones for kids will be optimistic and colourful. They will have images of well-known cartoon characters.


  • Simple to Carry


When selecting to package, it is essential to pick the simple option to hold. In addition, the pillow packaging boxes wholesale should be easy for customers to hold when needed. Retail stores also desire these types of boxes. 

Custom pillow packaging boxes can come with a durable handle. These packaging boxes can give one ease. They are convenient as well. The top handle lets the boxes be modest to carry around. The handle should be sturdier so that it does not break. Some brands use a ribbon strap if suitable.


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  • Get the Perfect Size


You can also purchase pillow boxes wholesale UK according to your requirements. Size is significant when it comes to packaging. This is because the wholesale boxes need to be a perfect size. 

One which is too large results in the goods moving around much. This can damage them. A box that is too small leads to the goods getting congested inside. 

It can spoil them and lessen their life. Therefore, you should consider these printing boxes because you can get them in any size according to your desires.


  • Window Boxes


Customers have to examine the quality of the packaged products before purchasing them. If customers cannot see the item, they will possibly open the box to look at it. 

Moreover, this can harm the box and product. A business can consider pillow packaging boxes with a window design to counter the exact issue. 

We can call it see-through packaging!


The reason is that the window in front lets individuals see what is inside. It is possible to get the window in dissimilar die-cut shapes. This upsurges the beauty as well as the stylishness of packaging. The public will be more confident buying what you are marketing when they can get to see it by themselves.

For instance, people have to see jewellery items before buying them. A picture of the product on the packaging box may exaggerate the product. Individuals don’t like packaging that overstates the products. Therefore it is better to purchase a custom printed box with a window.


  • Able To Be Personalized


Large pillow boxes are often plain and brown. However, it is possible to distinguish them by including the brand or business name and the logo. In addition, this gives them an expert look. 

The logo helps individuals recognize products from your brand. Theme colours, fonts, patterns, and graphics can modify packaging depending on who the product is for. They can be made exceptionally according to the event. For instance, wedding favours will have the theme of the wedding.

With the support of printed custom pillow packaging boxes, you can let your box stand out in front of the competition. When consumers recognize the boxes, sales will upsurge. 

This is when they are made rendering to the likes of the consumer base. It is imperative that the packaging be made from excellent quality material. 

The product will be kept harmless in this way. The business will also get the impression that it wants to provide consumers with excellent-quality stuff. 

Selecting the right colours and designs lets the box look unique.


  • Easy Customization and Printing


Custom pillow packaging boxes made of different materials take theme printing well. Customization of pillow packaging boxes makes them more eye-catching and appealing. You can design the box with dissimilar printing techniques and cut the packaging box into any size.

 The plastic window design on the front of the wholesale pillow boxes gives the see-through packaging feel. Large pillow boxes, as well as small ones, are accessible in the market. It gives retailers a chance to have expert packaging which looks great on the market shelves.


Pillow Boxes Wholesale UK – A Unique and Attractive Packaging Solution


Your packaging should be exceptional to make your pillow packaging striking and eye-catching. In custom packaging wholesale, pillow packaging boxes are the most exclusive ones. 

These boxes enhance the presence of the product and make it stand out. The use of dissimilar colour schemes and digital printing boosts the boxes’ appeal. When designed with the support of packaging experts, Pillow packaging boxes can make a change for your product.


Open Choice of Material


Good packaging should be cost-effective and can manufacture with a diversity of materials. You can have pillow packaging boxes in a variety of materials. There is an available choice of material. 

From cardboard to corrugate to Kraft, pillow boxes have versatility and flexibility. It is a large plus point in favour of pillow packaging. The material of the packaging boxes is light in weight and eco-friendly in nature. You can also order Kraft boxes in the packaging material of your choice.


Good luck!

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