What Duties Do I Assign My Probate Lawyer?

What Duties Do I Assign My Probate Lawyer?


A probate attorney is a lawyer who specializes in dealing with the legal issues that arise when someone dies and their estate needs to be divided up. Probate litigators and transactional lawyers are the two main sorts of attorneys who work in this area of law. Although both of these tasks are technically within a lawyer’s purview, most choose to focus on either criminal or civil law.

Because of the prevalence of inheritances, estates, and other potential sources of wealth and property, it is crucial to find a lawyer with experience in this area who knows what they are doing.

Many customers choose to work with attorneys who specialize in this field of law and have earned degrees from prestigious institutions. Having someone with knowledge of property law on hand can be helpful if the decedent, the individual who has passed away and is leaving his inheritance to others, had substantial properties.


A probate lawyer’s job is to ensure that the deceased’s will is presented to the court and processed in the proper manner. During the legal proceedings, they handle the deceased person’s will. When a person dies without leaving a will, these lawyers represent their loved ones in court. When there is no will or to defend the will, the heirs of the deceased often hire a lawyer to represent their interests in court. An attorney who practices in this area can help distribute a decedent’s estate when they pass away “intestate,” or without a will.

However, these lawyers can also assist clients in drafting a will. He or she will advise the client and provide assistance with the will’s legalities. A valid, witnessed handwritten will is required by law. The probate lawyer is keeping an eye out to make sure everything is in order and can be processed by the court. Those who do not have wills but nevertheless need to divide estates through the court system should be able to do so with the assistance of the legal advisor.

It’s crucial that your probate lawyer either lives in the state or county where your case will be tried or is very knowledgeable with its laws. It is common practice for the client and the attorney to negotiate the fees. Lawyers and clients of modest means may need to negotiate the lawyer’s right to a percentage of the estate as payment for his services. There are lawyers that charge a set amount for handling a case in probate court, and there are lawyers who charge more per appearance in court or per issue with the case.

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