What happens if the filter element is not changed for a long time?

What happens if the filter element is not changed for a long time?

  1. The filter element effect is weakened and cannot play a purifying role

The adsorption capacity of the filter element is saturated, and the filtration effect of the clogged filter element will be greatly weakened. At this time, the filter element is like a cup of water, and continued use will not only fail to achieve the purification effect, but also overflow, resulting in a decrease in purity. If you continue to use this impure water, you will let harmful impurities enter the body and affect your health.


  1. Overload work, filter element damage step by step

Household sediment water filter or water purifiers are generally filtered step by step like osmosis water filter . If the filter element is blocked, impurities such as sediment and rust in the water will enter the next filter element, so that the filter element that is not originally responsible for filtering large particles of impurities bears an additional burden, thereby shortening its life. Just because of the bad habit of replacing the filter element from time to time, you need to lose two or more filters.


Why does the price of filter elements vary greatly?


First of all, the price of the filter element depends on the product process.


There are many inexpensive filter cartridges on the market, which are shoddy. For example, if the activated carbon filter element is only different in raw materials, the effect may be very different. It is better to use imported coconut shell carbon, but many merchants will use coal carbon, or fruit shell miscellaneous materials instead, this raw material purification ability is weak, gray matter is more, and even harmful substances will be released. Here you can also read a related blog of why does my water taste salty. Becasue if you don’t change the filter element for a long time, it may cause salty water in your home.


PP cotton filter element according to the production process, there are plane, groove, folding, embossing and so on. A good PP cotton filter not only has a large unfolding area, but also a large thickness and a stronger adsorption capacity.


Secondly, the price of the filter element is also affected by the function. The general water purifier is composed of different filter elements, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane, UF, RO membrane and so on. PP cotton, ultrafiltration membrane is generally basic filtration, activated carbon mainly adsorbs heterochromatic, peculiar smell, bleaching powder, etc., while reverse osmosis RO membrane filter, mainly filters tiny bacteria, viruses and so on. Different filter elements are naturally different according to their functions and service life.

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