What is the best place to require the Ducting Insulation?

What is the best place to require the Ducting Insulation?

It is best to make sure to insulate all cooling and heating ducts to stop heat loss or gain, and to prevent sweating in the ducts. If it is about the insulation of other ventilation ducts, particular care must be taken. It is possible to divide the ductwork into two areas for better understanding.

The internal ductwork which transport conditioned air throughout the structure can be made to be insulated by using foil-faced fibreglass rolls, such as Isover Climcover or Rockwool Ductwrap. Duct wrap is also a great option to protect ducts from cold places like lofts or crawl spaces.

It is it’s also a good idea insulate fresh air ductwork which is ductwork that draws air directly from the outside. This can stop sweating in ducts from taking place. In the event that the pipework sits located at a the lowest level within an interior area that is susceptible to damage It will require an additional coating made of insulation, cladding like aluminum stucco or Ventureclad-like materials like Classeclad.

External Ductwork: Ducts which are located outside will be always open to elements. They should be protected with weather-proof Nitrile sheets such as K-Flexor Armacell. You can also use Ductwrap along with a weatherproofing option like aluminium stucco cladding , or five-ply laminate like Ventureclad as well as Klasseclad.

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