What is the roadmap to become a web developer?

What is the roadmap to become a web developer?

Do you want to become a successful web developer and searching for the best guidance or a roadmap, then don’t worry you are reading the right blog. In this blog there are some key points which you should know about to become a web developer and to better understand this, you must first know about the lifestyle and daily tasks of a website developer.

Let’s see some quick points to understand a life of a web developer.

Daily tasks of a web developer

  • A web developer is always responsible for the designing, Building or maintenance of the web application.
  • Have great communications skills to communicate with the team for quick resolution and error solving.
  • Developer need to keep updated itself always.
  • Always work on the problems and try to solve In short time period to achieve significant results.

Obviously, not only some points can properly describe the Life of a web developer. It is more than this. If you are thinking that it is hard you should know that nothing is hard if you have true passion and interest.

Let’s move to the main topic – Roadmap to get job as a web developer

The best way is to join web development courses and start learning the important concepts from the zero level.

Skills you need to know about to become a web developer

As mentioned above, a web developer is responsible for both front-end designing and building of web pages. So in technical terms, you can say that a web developer must know about both front-end and back-end development.

So, for front-end and backend there are so many languages that come into place. But there are some important and useful languages that we cannot skip at all.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Front-End Languages

  • HTML is the first language to learn in front-end since it makes the main structure .There are many elements and attributes which helps in building modern websites like links, images, text, and many more. Learning HTMl5 is the first step.
  • CSS is a cascading style sheet which is also known as a design language. It is used to design web pages. It is the second language you must learn about in front-end. Even with this we can make our web page mobile friendly.

You need to learn from HTML5 & CSS3 training institute in Delhi to prepare you for front-end development.

  • Now the third and most important step is learning JavaScript because with the help of JavaScript we can add interactivity to the web pages. We know that, HTML creates a static page with some content in it. And, The CSS describes the look and formatting in a web document. After this we need something for making dynamic websites in which user can also interact with it. So, JS comes here.

Don’t forget to take your skills to the next level with JavaScript course in Delhi.

After learning about these main and important languages in front-end, there are number of frameworks and libraries you should know about like Bootstrap, jQuery, React Js, Angular and many more.

Back-End Languages

  • PHP and MySQL: PHP is a server side language which is used to make dynamic web applications. The coolest thing is that it is open source and free. With the help of PHP we can do all the things which are related to the server like forms crud and etc. MySQL is used to store data and can fetch that data dynamically.

Get ready to learn from PHP training institute in Delhi.

  • Python: You cannot skip Python when it come back-end. It is the most in-demand object-oriented high level programming language It is used not only in web but also in machine learning and data.

You can learn this language by joining Python course in Delhi.

Apart from the given list, there are many languages which are available for the back-end development like Java, Node js, MongoDB etc. And same goes for front-end where different number of frameworks and libraries are there that you should know like Laravel, Django, Express, Ruby on Rails, Flask  etc.

For professional level of front-end and back-end training you should enroll in a web design and development training institute in Delhi.

After learning about both Front-End and Back-End Languages you need to learn about SEO. SEO (search Engine Optimization) is used to maintain your website or web application. It is used for increasing ranking of the website because ranking plays the important role.

So it is a complete roadmap for web development, learn all these skills step by step to become a successful web developer.

You can also join a Web Development course in Delhi for professional training with some extra advantages like commercial Art, Visual Grammar and Work on Live Projects.

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