What to Look For in Diamond Engagement Rings

What to Look For in Diamond Engagement Rings


There are many things to look for in a diamond engagement rings. For starters, you need to make sure that the stone has been graded by an independent authority. A GIA or AGS report will prove that the diamond is of a certain quality. Be wary of other labs that inflate diamond grades in order to sell them for higher prices. Most diamonds used in engagement rings are of the ’round brilliant’ cut. This is almost the default setting for diamonds.

The diamond shape you choose will also play a role in how much the ring costs. Traditionally, diamonds were sold only at brick and mortar jewelry stores. Men who wanted the most expensive diamonds would have to fork over three months’ salary to a jeweler. Today, however, e-commerce has created new channels for diamond sales.

While diamonds are the most expensive stone in an engagement ring, other precious gems can be equally beautiful. Sapphires, for example, have a deep royal blue color and are often used as side-stones on engagement rings. They also have a Mohs’ Scale rating of nine, making them scratch-resistant and durable.

When it comes to diamond shapes, round brilliant diamonds are the most common and expensive. However, if your budget is limited, you can choose a diamond with a different shape. This will save you money and make the ring more unique. The diamond shape you choose will also have an effect on how much light the diamond reflects. The round brilliant diamond is the most sparkly shape and can be a great choice for an engagement ring.

Colored diamonds come in many shapes and colors. Orange diamonds, for example, symbolize courage and good energy. You can make the stone look even more beautiful by choosing a fancy cut diamond. For a truly exotic look, you can choose a pear-shaped, radiant, or cushion-cut stone. Likewise, if you are looking for a more traditional engagement ring, you can select a marquise-shaped diamond.

There are even green diamonds. These are very popular and are also very versatile. They go well with most metal colors and can give your engagement ring a modern or vintage look. Green diamonds are very rare and are only found in a tiny percentage of natural diamonds. If you are considering purchasing one of these ring styles, you’ll want to keep in mind that you may be the only one to wear them. This makes the ring a true treasure.

Another type of diamond that you can choose from is black diamonds. These are similar to white diamonds, but have the added meaning of being bold and fierce. They also have the same hardness as colorless diamonds. They can be mounted in a white gold ring or a platinum ring.

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