Which Material To Pick For Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Packaging?

Which Material To Pick For Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Packaging?

Eco-friendly bath bomb packaging is an environmentally friendly way to package bath bombs. These packages are usually made using paper packaging materials.

Almost all paper packaging materials are eco-friendly up to a certain point. However, some materials are better suited for making eco-friendly bath bomb packaging because they offer more recyclability.

This blog will discuss the various packaging materials that can help you make bath bomb boxes. We will also focus on their recyclability and eco-friendly nature.

Let’s begin.

Packaging Materials For Bath Bomb Boxes

Many packaging materials can make bath bomb boxes. You can pick anything from glass to metal, plastic, and of course, paper.

Let’s discuss these materials briefly.


Glass is a hard material that offers a lot regarding wear and tear resistance. Furthermore, glass boxes look extremely beautiful.

However, glass is fragile. There are many cases in which glass boxes were damaged during transit leading to the products being wasted and unhappy customers.

Furthermore, glass is exceptionally hard to form. It has to be heated upto a melting point and then supercooled. There are no bulk processes that help produce glass. Thus, they have a high cost as well.


Metals are more forgiving than glass. They can be formed and shaped using various methods. Many of these methods can be scaled up for mass production. However, it is still an energy-consuming process to form and shape metal into boxes.

Furthermore, the sheer number of options for metals is staggering. There are aluminum, steel, rare-earth, and transitional metals to consider.

All these have unique advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, customizing metal boxes isn’t an easy task.


Plastic can be shaped and formed with relative ease. There are essentially two types of plastic, thermoset, and thermoplastic. Thermoset can be formed only once. Thus, they aren’t recyclable.

Thermoplastics can be formed multiple times. However, their manufacturing may be harmful to the environment. Furthermore, they can only be reformed for a limited number of times before filling landfills.

They are lightweight and can be customized easily. However, they lack in terms of visual appearance. And their detrimental environmental effect is something that the entire world is fighting.


Paper packaging materials are one of the most versatile options. They might carry the visual appearance of glass or the durability of metals; however, they are one of the best compromises.

More than that, they are the most eco-friendly option. Almost all paper packaging materials are recyclable. Furthermore, some options are entirely biodegradable.

Other than that, they are easily customizable with custom prints, add-ons, and finishing coats. You can customize the material to offer more durability and strength. Some paper packaging materials are strong enough to replace wooden boxes for long-distance shipping.

Let’s dive into the paper packaging materials and learn more about options.

Paper packaging materials for bath bomb boxes

This section will go over some options of paper packaging materials for bath bomb boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard

Suppose you want to make the most robust packaging for bath bombs using paper packaging material. In that case, opt for the corrugated cardboard material. This material comprises different layers of packaging material.

The middle layer is fluted that helps give it cushioning and added protection to your bath bombs.

Rigid Paperboard

The rigid paperboard packaging material is one of the best options for making luxurious bath bomb packaging. This option is usually thicker than other paper packaging materials. Furthermore, it has an amazing surface that makes the custom prints pop out.

Bath bomb packaging made using rigid paperboard material can help you enhance the perceived value of the bath bombs.


You can consider cardstock as the thinner cousin of rigid paperboard material. This packaging material is made using compressed layers of paper. It is stiff and can hold its shape well. Thus, you can incorporate various packaging styles.

Furthermore, cardstock material has a slick surface that can be cleaned easily . its impressive printability makes it a good option for retail-style bath bomb packaging.


Kraft material is made using wood pulp. It is a biodegradable option. Thus, it can help make superb eco friendly bath bomb packaging.

Kraft material offers a rustic look that can help portray your products as natural and down to earth. Furthermore, using eco-friendly bath bomb packaging made using Kraft material can help showcase your brand as being environmentally conscious.


Many materials can help you make bath bomb packaging. However, if you want to make eco-friendly bath bomb packaging, opt for paper packaging materials.