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Dragon1 EA Method meets the requirements for Method Recognition by The Open Group

From the UK, a few days ago, the big news was notified to The Dragon1 Company: Dragon1  meets the requirements for method recognition contained within the Open Group’s Open CA Certification program, and may be cited by candidates when applying for Open CA certification. This is a result of years of development of a method and its application in practice in SMEs and LMEs in different sectors and branches.

Fig. 1, Example Artist Impression of an e-Government Services Architecture

The Open Group is a consortium of, currently with over four hundred member IT and consulting organizations, all leaders in the field of enterprise architecture. They have developed a thorough and severe process for method recognition, and Dragon1 is now been listed between the Enterprise Architecture Frameworks world widely used. This is a result of years of development of a method and its application in practice in small, medium and large organizations in different sectors and branches. The Dragon1 EA method focuses architects on creating architecture visualizations for strategic decision-making and project management and governance (in other words: Visual Enterprise Architecture).

For obtaining the method recognition, Dragon1 has met the criteria of the being a consistent, living and applicable method for both practitioners and user organizations. And it succeeded. Dragon1 has a user community, there is support material, there is a publicly RFC process, there are training courses, there is a Wiki, et cetera, et cetera.

In the Netherlands where many architecture approaches are available, it is a challenge to get attention and being used as a new method. Dragon1 differs from other approaches in: informal and formal visualizations for the board, management and employees, which can be used for control, management and working in migration projects and programs.

In the Dutch book “Wegwijzer voor methoden bij enterprise-architectuur” Dragon1 EA method is compared with 10 other methods.

The method recognition of Dragon1 is no end point, but a starting point for Visual Enterprise Architecture in the EA field.

By Mark Paauwe
Thought Leader Visual Enterprise Architecture
Founder of Dragon1
Chief Developer Dragon1 EA Tools

For more information, see this website of The Open Group.

Want to know more?

Title: Wegwijzer voor methoden bij enterprise-architectuur
Author(s): Arjen Santema & Sander Rodenhuis & Mark Paauwe & Erwin Oord & Marleen Olde Hartmann & Sander W. Heutink & Marijn Driel & Leo van Brandwijk & Remco Blom & Martin van den Berg
ISBN: 9789087530976
Language: Dutch
Price: € 39,95
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