IFDC launches VeriSM™ – Service Management for the Digital Age.



Zaltbommel, the Netherlands – 12 October 2017. Today, many organizations and governments offer their services in a rapidly changing environment. This has created demand for highly-educated professionals with the right knowledge and skills in the area of Service Management. To meet those changing demands, the International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) launches VeriSM™, a new Service Management approach, today.

The field of Service Management is changing quickly as the industry shifts towards digital transformation, evolution of new management practices and the ‘commoditization of IT’. As a result, IT and business operations are no longer separate. Organizations of every size and background require a flexible Service Management method to facilitate them in their development. VeriSM™is an approach that offers value-driven, evolving, responsive, and integrated Service Management. It is designed to enable organizations and professionals in the modern IT industry.

The IFDC (a nonprofit foundation) took the initiative to create the VeriSM™ approach and developed it in cooperation with an international team of experts led by Claire Agutter (Winner ITSMF UK Thought Leadership Award 2017).

Claire Agutter – ‘VeriSM™ shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their users.’

‘To create VeriSM™ we worked with a global team of more than 50 leading experts, taking a fresh look at service management for the digital age.’ – Sigrid Jansen, Manager IFDC.

The VeriSM™ Book and the VeriSM™ study guide will be available in December 2017. A range of VeriSM™ exams will be available for IT professionals. VeriSM™ Foundation exams will be available on the 1st of January 2018. During the course of 2018, VeriSM™ Professional and VeriSM™ Leader certifications will be released. For more information please visit: www.verism.global or www.ifdc.global.


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VeriSMtm – A service management approach for the digital age (Van Haren Publishing; c. 350 pages; list price c. €49,50 excl. VAT.)

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For more information please contact:
Sigrid Jansen – Manager IFDC
E-mail: info@ifdc.org