Intentions of the BIAN starter guide and adoption infographic.


Intentions of the BIAN starter guide and adoption infographic.

Progress of the BIAN adoption workgroup | June 2020

Author Article: Maurits van der Plas, Director Van Haren Learning Solutions. 

About the working group

The objective of the BIAN adoption working group is to encourage and support members and non-members to adopt BIAN by simplifying the BIAN content, highlighted with case studies, white papers, and other lessons learnt documentations and to communicate these results within and outside the organization.

The adoption workgroup has weekly calls where members participating from all corners of the globe support and contribute. This involves brainstorming, generating new ideas for action, and production of deliverables. 

The deliverable: The BIAN starter guide and adoption infographic

The working group is now making progress on the BIAN starter guide and adoption infographic. The idea is to create a BIAN starter guide that supports (new) members on where to initiate their BIAN adoption journey. What is step one to ten (from start to finish), where I am now and what would be my next step. This starter guide should then be visualized into an dynamic infographic . Companies new to BIAN with relatively little knowledge can easily see where they are and what could be their next step in the BIAN journey. The BIAN starter guide provides a high-level step-by-step overview and will include case studies and references to other white papers, where members can find more in-depth information per step. 

Value of the infographic

As mentioned above the interactive and dynamic infographic is intended to help provide a roadmap for BIAN members. The concrete value of the infographic will be:

  1. Less loss of time and investment
    – figuring where to start with BIAN

– figuring out what to do next.

– Internal discussion on the best step forward

  • An easier understanding of how to adopt BIAN
  • Better overview to help understand the overall value of BIAN
  • The enablement to better explain management what the roadmap is and should be.
  • A handle to find where a member needs more information on.

‘When we began looking at the BIAN service landscape, we realized, like any large model, we needed an approach on how to adopt the model – do we break it down and focus on sub-sections of it? Do we try and look at the whole model at a high level and then drill down ? How we go about the process of adoption and what could that journey look like ? Essentially, a high level summary of possible journeys through the adoption of BIAN would have been invaluable, providing immediate insight into members experiences and potential patterns of adoption from use-cases through to realization of the benefits. The infographic is this high level summary which would have given the immediate view I think all companies adopting BIAN, or who are thinking of adopting BIAN, would greatly benefit from’’- Warren Hankin – Solutions Architect Santander services

The target is to make a first version the infographic available end of July (?)


  • Set out requirements
  • Produce on rough/ideal adoption journey
  • GO/NO-GO on rough/ideal adoption journey
  • Input hotwire to ensure right value
  • Publish infographic
  • Share with members
  • Case-study value infographic
  • Produce Starter guide
  • GO/NO-GO Starter guide
  • Publish Starter guide
  • Share with members
  • Case-study value starter guide


The idea started with the need for an infographic that would explain where members should start. After an interview with Lead Architect Patrick Derde, Maurits van der Plas has been able to set up an initial timeline for actions a member executes. This was reviewed by Warren representing Santander UK and Messalina representing CIBC who have user experience and are BIAN members. After several calls and review sessions, an initial timeline outlining appropriate steps has been established. Messalina and Warren highlighted that the infographic should be complemented by a BIAN starter guide. An infographic is a high-level view of the BIAN journey and cannot include all expansion and customizations which may greatly differ per bank. Currently, a professional agency is reviewing the input of the adoption working group. From there the groupwill continue and aim to provide the BIAN members with the first deliverable that they will be able to use and adopt, to enable a better understanding of steps that can be taken towards full BIAN adoption. 

Who worked on this deliverable?

All participants of the working group have contributed and provided their feedback and input, such as Rene Vleeschauwer and Ramesh Chandra Rekhi. This includes BIAN professionals represented in the working group by Hans Tesselaar, Arnab Mitra, and Yvonne Biallas. The Fundamental contributions came from Messalina Cadiz-­Tostevin and Warren Hankin supported by the BIAN lead Architect Patrick Derde. Reviews have been provided by several members and Guy Rackham. Finally, the project support was provided by Maurits van der Plas. 

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