An Introduction to the Business Transformation Framework (BTF)


As industry after industry are toppled by the arise of disruptive models, the need for an antidote is pressing. Not only do large, established organizations need to be able to more effectively make use of available resources, but they need to be able to fend off attacks on market share from their more agile competitors.

Why is the Business Transformation Framework created?

Answering the market’s call for an answer to disruptive business models, the Novius consulting group has developed a framework and methodology designed to make an organization more agile, innovative, and effective. Listen to David, Sjoerd and Jeroen explain the proprietary framework that has taken companies like Porsche, Rabobank and Schiphol successfully from strategy to execution. The webinar will cover the following:

  • Why organizations need a Business Transformation Framework to begin their business transformation
  • Common practices within the change management industry
  • How to execute large scale transformation using the Novius business transformation framework
  • Case studies of success using the Novius Business Transformation Framework


Relevant website

Business Transformation FrameworkTitle: Business Transformation Framework – To get from Strategy to Execution
Author(s)Jeroen Stoop, Sjoerd Staffhorst, Remco Bekker en 
Tjerk Hobma
ISBN: 978 94 018 0026 6
Price: € 39,95 (VAT Tax.)

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