ITIL’s missing piece… Metrics


ITIL’s missing piece… Metrics


Service Management Metrics: Designing for ITIL®

The basics

Metrics, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Critical Success Factors (CSFs), are a vital part of ITIL®. It is important that they are designed well, and understood in the context of Service Management.


Service Management is driven by Governance and Strategy to produce value, whilst optimising business risk. To measure the effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Service Management, as a corporate asset, the Critical Success Factors (CSF) must be identified, relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed, along with Service and Process metrics to support these.

It is easy to produce metrics that are difficult to understand, poorly aligned to what is actually required, and easily misinterpreted. To avoid this, it is essential to use good design techniques to produce effective metrics that can be understood in context, enabling more informed management to be equipped to make better decisions.

The diagram above shows the dynamics of metric design – Governance and Strategy, mitigated by Risk, drive the eventual output of Value to the business through Service Operations. To enable this, Services and Processes are designed and then Transitioned into Operations. The Design covers the analysis of Requirements and Critical Success Factors in order to use these to drive the design of Architecture * Infrastructure, Business and Service Management Processes, the Services themselves, the Tools to support these services, managed through the Service Design Package (SDP), which documents the CSFs, KPIs and Metrics.


The word cloud, below, gives an indication of where the book concentrates its energy – Service Management, is, of course, the main focus, but the important words, relevant to metrics stand out, for example, Business, Services, Processes, Design, Organisation, Value and Satisfaction, indicating the importance that the text puts on these areas.


Target group(s)
Service Managers, Service Owners, Service Management Process Owners, Business Relationship Managers, Business Process Owners, Service Management Consultants, IT Managers, CIOs, Service Desk Managers, Service Design Managers, Business Analysts, IT Consultants, Business Consultants
The design of CSFs, KPIs and other metrics for Service Management Processes and Services from the perspective of Governance and Strategy are covered in the scope.

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