Software Asset Management Specialist – in 3 minutes


Software Asset Management Specialist – in 3 minutes

Software Asset Management is probably the most complex area of IT Asset Management and is becoming increasingly important nowadays, as increasing complexity of IT, pressure on effective and efficient utilization of organization’s funds, as well as IT security imperative are bringing the management of Software Assets into focus. How can Software Asset Management contribute to the company savings and minimize the risk of software audit fines? How to setup Software Management practices in company? How to build the business case? How to phase deliverables in accordance with the 3 TIER maturity model of ISO 19770? How are SAM processes aligned to ITSM processes? How do they connect to ITIL best practices? How you can reflect ITIL 4 dimensions model? All of these answers plus many more to be answered during this course.  


Software Asset Management Specialist (SAMS)

The Basics:

Software Asset Management Specialist course – either as a follow up to IT Asset Management Foundation or for individuals being already familiar with its basics –  provides an comprehensive overview of characteristics of Software Assets and specifics of their management and is written for anyone that wants to start or further develop skills in the Software Asset Management area. Software is intangible and therefore might not be visible for the first view despite the fact that its costs can dramatically outreach these of hardware, whose management tends to be more natural and as such is  far more mature. Various license metrics, different product use rights, multiple purchase channels – these are just few factors you need to consider to grasp Software Assets. Like any other ITAM discipline – SAM is a cross-functional discipline with lots of stakeholders. They often have different background, different KPIs – and to get them all on the same page requires significant effort. The course is not dedicated to any specific software publishers but builds a solid foundation for understanding the concepts, challenges and best practices in every situation and with any publisher.


The purpose of Software Asset Management Training is to describe all essential areas of Software Asset Management in six units interlaced with quizzes. It also builds a solid foundation for further study of its components on advanced level. The book covers following areas:

  • Key concepts of SAM
  • SAM Principles
  • SAM Practices
  • ISO 19770 SAM Tier Implementation  Practices

The training provides also consistent references to ITIL 4, the ITAM practice within ITIL 4 and interference with key ITIL processes and practices.

Providing a comprehensive explanation of SAM key concepts and definitions, principles and practices to help the candidate to be able to understand and apply these best practices within the organization. Putting an emphasis on understanding stakeholders, their different CSFs and KPIs and explaining the Value stream Software management should deliver. Having IT Assets under control is an important pre-requisite to spend IT budget in effective and efficient manner. However, a Software Asset Management program requires a proper business case which the course will provide insights on how to build this. SAM implementation is far from a trivial activity. The course is providing an overview of three different SAM maturity levels (Tiers) and for each Tier, the achievable deliverables, as well as its value is described. Each Tier starts with a gap analysis in order to ensure continual improvement. In this approach the ITIL continual improvement (CI) model and ‘Guiding Principles’ further resonate.

The Software Asset Management Specialist course contains logical paths from the theoretical concepts, practical examples to the practical implementation. The course can be finished with a certification.. A 40-question multiple choice exam tests the knowledge and certifies knowledge on the topics addressed in this book.

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Target Audience:

  • IT Professionals – that need a good understanding of Software Asset Management or are directly involved in some of SAM/ITAM practices (e.g. SAM Manager, SAM consultant, License expert).
  • Managers and executives– who are primarily responsible for implementing and governing IT or Software Asset Management or its part in their organizations and defining its strategy
  • Internal audit – as compliance is a key element of Software Asset management.
  • Procurement professionals – that are involved in IT and Software Assets sourcing
  • Academics, Graduate and upper level undergraduate students – who must teach and master a fundamental understanding of Software Asset Management.
  • Everyone within an organization – who wants to know more about Software Asset Management. However, some previous experience in one of the related areas is advisable.

Find out more about the SAM certification here:

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